Hello~ ^^
Em.. now, i going to review a sleeping pack, yup! Baviphat lemon whitening sleeping pack. :>
acctually, baviphat has a lot series of sleeping pack, every series of them have a difference fungtions. mine is lemon, the fungtion for whitening. other series is apple, grape, pumpkin, strawberry and many more.

Ok~ now.. let's see. I brought the small size or usually called as tester size. It's about 7 ml. Why i brought the small size? I'm just little afraid if this product doesn't compatible with my skin face. And finally i don't use it again. :( here is the product...

how? isn't cute? >< very kawaii dechu! it's packaged in fruit shaped jars. like my sister's toys! xD /slap/

Baviphat lemon whitening sleeping pack :
Brand : Baviphat
Manufacture : korea
Size : 7 ml
Main ingredient : Lemon extract, arbutin
Function : Whitening : contains lemon abundant in vitamint C which suppresses the formation of melamin and prevent pigmentation. Dismimishes blemishes and  freckles, and aids in the formation of collagen for resilence in skin.

♔ How to use 
After daily routine skin care, apply a suitable amount onto the face before sleeping and wash off with warm water in the next morning. 

♔ Package ♔
Very kawaiiiiiiiiiiii! really, just like a toys. like a lemon. They are available in 7 ml (tester size) and 100 ml (real size). ^^ if you buy the real size, you will find a small spoon in the inside. And, its safety. so.. don't worry the cream will spill out.
rate : 4/5

♔ Texture 
It doesn't transfer to my pillow during the night since I tend to apply it way before I initially go to bed.  ^v^
When applied on it's a little bit creamy but after that, it glides on smoothly onto your face without leaving any greasy feeling, i only apply a thin layer so the product gets absorbed quickly.
rate : 3.5/5

♔ Scent 
not just the package like lemon, the smell too! love the smell! like a fresh lemon. >w< you'll like it.
rate : 4/5

♔ Result 
honestly, i not feel the whitening effect. But... i feel a brightening effect. .-. and i feel fresh in every morning. So... i like it. but... i think it's just brighter your skin, not whitening. Oh ya... because it's made from lemon, it can decrease your oily skin. •w•
Rate  3/5

positive : 
(+) the package is very cute
(+) the smell so freshing
(+) the texture not sticky
(+) make your skin brighter and feel more fresh
(+) decrease your oily skin

negative :
(-) i not feel the whitening effect :(

repurchase : umm... i think not, i don't get the brightening effect. But, it's still recomended. :33

ok, it's done~ hope you like my review... any question just leave a comment. i'll reply it. ^^

see yaaaaaa~