Hi! ^^
I'm going to review a contact lens now. I brought this at Kawai gankyu. This brand named Fale and this is the Lucky Clover series. Fale has a lot of series lens like summer, winter, etc. You can find them at kawai gankyu's shop. Oh ya, kawai gankyu has a lot of brand contact lens, and they are very adroable! You can find your favorite contact lens there~ (~^^)~

If you want, you can visit them here --> Kawai gankyu.

Ok, back to the review. xD oh ya, it's my first review, sorry if any mistake. Enjoy~ ^u^)/

Ok, it's the product. How? 

Fale lucky clover (brown)
Dia : 20.8 mm
Water : 40%
Life span : 6-12 month
B.C : 8.6mm
Power : plano, -1.00 ~ -8.00

It kawaiiiiiii right? ^w^

♔ Color ♔
Look like mix of yellow and brown. The brown look obvious here but after I wear it on my eyes it's not look that obvious but you still can see the color if you talk directly with me. ^^
Rate : 3/5

With flash

without flash

♔ Pattern ♔
Very cute! It's like a yellow sakura's petals in every side. It's dosen't has that black ring. You'll love the pattern♡
Rate : 4.5/5

♔ Enlargement ♔
Big! Although the diameter is big but it
still look natural for your eyes. :>
Rate : 3/5

♔ Comfort ♔
It's comfortable. i wear it about 4 until 6 hours. ^^ it's enough thin for my eyes. but.. if i compered it with baby color super yoghurt. i prefer that baby color.
rate : 3.5/5

how? what do you think? its RECOMMENDED! ^w^

positive :
(+) it's very natural looks.
(+) thin... so it's comfort!
(+) it's has big diameter, nice for englarging your eyes.
(+) the pattern it's very kawaaaaiiiii!

negative :
(-) maybe, it's doesn't enough for dolly look
(-) the color not very obvious on your eyes


ok... so hope you like it. sorry for my  messy eyeliner.
jaaaa nee~