There's always time for sheet-masking! But the idea of wearing it for 7 days straight is actually really surprising. It came all the way from Korea and now it's finally spread to Indonesia. Ariul 7 Days Sheet Mask is now available to purchase in Indonesia! Congratulation! <3

To be honest, I was a bit skeptic at first, but when it tried it, it now makes sense to me. 
I can say this further because luckily I got invited to their grand launching at Moto Moto BSD. There I know why Ariul is safe to try. The Ariul Representative flew all the way from Korea to Indonesia. Billy Davidson and Patricia Devina as brand ambassadors share their direct experience of using the mask for daily. Glad that Billy with his super-sensitive skin approves this mask!

The grand launching was also so fun as I got the chance to make my own mocktail, as if I was a pro. We're guided by the mixologist and mine turned out better than I expected (picked as one of the most fav, lucky lucky). 

As I had been waiting to shoot at Moto moto, i was super excited! During the installations hopping, we learned about Ariul 7 days mask, there we can also do some product shoot at several imaginative corners, very enjoyable. Now let's focus on the mask! 


Ariul 7 days Mask is packed with nourishing natural essence. Not only its main ingredients are natural, their Mask's made from Tencel, sourced from Eucalyptus tree that can hold incredible amount of essence (with no dripping!). It comes in 7 interesting variants, such as:

1. Aloe
2. Tea Tree
3. Bamboo Water
4. Lemon
5. Green Tea
6. Pomegranate
7. Avocado

The packaging is really appealing and simple! I love how I can fully understand this product knowledge and performance just by reading the information all over the packaging. So brilliant! The size is just right, neither too small nor big to me, I guess for most Indonesian girls too. 

You also need to know that their sheet mask is not easily ripped when I try to put it on, which is nice! And this mask is suitable for every skin type, but you need to balance your needs with each different benefit of the mask. READ TO KNOW ALL THE BENEFITS!


Aloe : While protecting your stressful skin due to the environment, it's also boosting your pores and the end up result is smooth skin.  

Tea Tree: It's made especially for reducing facial sebum. You will notice your skin, especially on the acne spot feels calm yet clear and firm after using this one. 

Bamboo Water: For your overworked skin, Bamboo Water hydrates and increase your skin elasticity. Hello, moist skin!

Lemon: This is the gentle mask to exfoliate your dead skin and resulting in brightened, radiant-looking skin. Another benefit is to control your sebum production.

Green tea: Green Tea improves your facial complexion, produces light exfoliation, and like the lemon one, it controls your facial sebum.

Pomegranate: It nutritives the skin as well as maintains skin elasticity. 

Avocado :  Avocado is trust-worthy to repair damaged skin-cell and accelerates skin regeneration.


I don't fall in love with the appearance but also performance. It sits nicely on the skin and doesn't easily detach from the skin. The amount of essence is just nice and it feels calming on the skin as it claims. My overworked skin needs this! But for my combination skin, I prefer to not use any other moisturizing or hydrating skincare if I already apply Ariul 7 days mask on my skin. I guess it already fulfills what my skin needs in a day. And the price is just comparatively affordable.

Since it's already available to purchase, you can get them oSociolla !

Love, Ker.