Belle, is dat you?

Hell everyone!

It's been long ago since my last Fashion Article in English as well.
I hope my English readers still here peeking to my blog lol.

So, last Friday. I got an invitation to attend and event named First Class Beauty by T Galleri at DFS Bali. It was the biggest beauty event at Bali in 2019. The event itself allowed us to checking out some of High End Products and purchased the item at the moment.

First Class Beauty Bali, also give me a chance to wear a beautiful dress by @AmigaBali. I got a chance to pick whichever the dress from Amiga Bali that I would like to wore. It was my love at first sight to their: Sabrina Dress. 

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See how tall am I looking like in this Sabrina Dress by Amiga Bali?
I'm feeling like 190cm tall.
Isn't it?

The reason why I like this dress very much:
- Made by good quality pabric (I can tell just after I touch it, it fall down perfectly fine, and the wrinkles that made by the fabrics is so much minimum than the other dress that I tried from other brand-in the same kind of fabric)
- The cutting is so flattering (you can see how good it was on me, and add like +10cm tall on me)
- You get what you paid (Not gonna be lied to all of you, since I never do as well, it's kinda pricey but if you touch it and try it once you'll just understand what I mean)
- Multifunction Dress (You can wore it indoor, outdoor, beach days, or even night out romantic date)

if you've following me since long ago, you must be concern that I rarely take a picture of myself in sit position, right?

And I tell you now. This dress make me look so tall even when I sit.

OOTD Details:
Sabrina Dress: Amiga Bali
Rattan Bag: Yunipfashion
Earrings: Komang Tri Jewellry
Watch: Guess
Heels: Be-BoB

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dr. Ayu