Holiday is just over and now let we hustle again! hahaha During my holiday, i spent most my time at home and strolling around some malls in Jakarta. It's really fine not going abroad during this holiday, i felt totally recharged, Jakarta was safe and sound ;D .

 What's so excited then, i also did try this Garnier Sakura White Series which is really pretty for the eyes, but is it actually pretty good on my skin?  Keep reading loves!

The main target of Garnier Sakura White is to "Brighten the face while makes your skin pinkish and radiant glowing" and i got three products such as their Essence Lotion, Ultimate Serum and Serum  Cream which i'd like to break down  there!


Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion, it has gel-like texture, that is transparent eventhough what you see on the outside is slightly pink. The scent is more into floral which i found sweet and feminime. As interesting as it is, it's enriched with Sakura Extract from Japan, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3. 


On my face, it feels super watery! No wonder, it has aqua/ water on top of the ingredients list, followed by  Glycerin  that can attracts more moisture to the skin. I can feel it's absorbs that quick because alcohol within but at the same time it's also way moisturizing. I believe it's because Butylene Glycol as the conditioning agent as their 3rd ingredient.

Have you ever used aloe vera? it's at the same way give the exact cooling sensation to the skin just like aloe vera does, what's different is this one is more watery and light-weight. The absorption tho is really nice and super quick!

It's a combo! Since it's gel textured, on my combination skin,  it does their job to moisturize and make my skin bouncier. No greasy or tacky feeling afterward (A MUST). But for you who has 'super' sensitive skin toward alcohol, you can wear test this one first. Although it smells good which makes me a bit skeptical at first, the fragrance used in this product is the minimum overall the ingredients, it is put on the last. So it's all safe, i like this one!


This serum comes with a pump which i like to be, packaging-wise this one is my most favorite. This serum claims to make your skin more pinkish radiance, more transparent, smoother, even skin tone, bouncier and plumper. I'm curious enough since it mentions 5000 whitening capsules as their main ingredients!


Can you guys see the white particles as i squeezed out the product? I guess the 5000 whitening capsules transform into this tiny bit particle. To be sincere, it feels good to know that it isn't harsh at all, it melts down into the skin. And the scent is kinda softer than the essence, i like this one better. 

Now it's time to reveal the claim! I can say this make my skin more radiant and glowing compared to the essence. Blouncier, plumper and smoother are also checked hahaha. It moisturizes enough and i believe it's more suitable for dry skin. But as i haven't finished this product, i can't say that it can fully even my skin tone. But overall, it does its job greatly!


When you're not feeling like doing make up, this serum could be right. It contains the highest concentration; 5x Japanese Sakura and SPF 21PA++++ to protect your skin. The texture isn't too heavy, pinkish white cream as the common serum cream.  It's perfect in size of glass jar and gives the expensive look.

From this pict, if you see a lil' bit closer, some part of my hand is lighter than the other, yup it's how this serum performs.  It blends out really well altough it gives lighter color to the skin. 

Fyi, i have already finished a jar of this serum when i was 18! hahahaha I kinda love it, but i use this tiny bit due to my combination skin. I love how it makes my skin glowing, and tones my skin up.  My skin color feels like brightens one level everytime i use this one, for real hahaha. 


As an avid fan of hydrating products, these 3 could be great options. But specifically to their serum cream, i guess it's more suitable for  normal to dry skin as it says. 3 of them make my skin plumpier and looks healthy. The serum gives the subtle glow that i aim for a serum products. They don't break my skin out or cause acne, thank God hahaha. Don't forget your neck too, your neck also needs one shade brighter. After one week of regular usage, my skin feels the change; pinkish radiant and glowing!

Thank you for reading, i guess this one from Garnier can you take into consideration for money you want to splurge in! To the next one, loves. <3

Love, Ker.