Ergonomics defines physiology, anatomy and mechanics influencing the human body and limbs. It actually helps in defining the proper sitting positions, good posture, etc. If a person is spending quality number of hours in a seating position, it is important to use ergonomically designed chairs for keeping problems like tired arms, backaches and sore shoulders at bay.  The importance of ergonomic seating is not limited to office job only, limited mobility people should take care of this aspect as well.  Sensing the fact, many companies are manufacturing ergonomic manual wheelchairs for physically disabled people.

Benefits of Ergonomic Seating

The ergonomic chairs designed to offer good sitting posture to a person along with comfort and durability.  The manual wheelchairs with ergonomic design have high backrest to offer comfort to users and often made with durable material like leather. Such kinds of wheelchairs are highly recommended for people with functional mobility issues. It is because when a person sits on a standard wheelchair, pressure on the chair is not evenly distributed which further leads to pain in skeletal joints. On the other hand, ergonomic seating ensures to evenly distribute the pressure of the whole body on the chair.  Because different people have different shape and size, therefore these special manual wheelchairs have seat slide mechanism. The mechanism makes the necessary changes in the base of the chair i.e. either makes the base shorten or lengthen, as per the requirements, corrects the basal support and provides absolute comfort to the pelvic region of the body.

Adjustable seat height, elevated leg rests and seat belts are some of the common features of ergonomic manual wheelchairs.  It is important if you are using wheelchair, look for comfort and durability in order to maintain an ideal body posture.  There are many companies in America offering manual wheelchairs with ergonomic seating at affordable prices. These companies are offering both battery operated and manual wheelchairs on rent and even entertain the repairing requests of customers. So, if you are planning to purchase new model of manual wheelchairs, go for wheelchairs with ergonomic seating.