The Season 2 of Sacred Games is soon going to launch on the 15th of August 2019. Many of its fans were waiting for a very long time for any updates regarding season 2 of sacred games.

The official announcement for the Netflix was, made on the 09 July 2019. Also, the trailer was launched on the same date. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, Use this link to watch. And if you haven’t understood the trailer thoroughly. You can check that on our official website, links are given below.

season 2 sacred games

Break down of the season 2 sacred games trailer

Sacred Games season 1 was the blockbuster and the superhit web series on the Netflix. There are tons of fans of the sacred games series. Also if you haven’t watched the sacred games season 1, you watch that from here.

season 2 sacred games

The teaser was released on the 7th May 2019 after that we got to see the cast reveal of sacred games season 2 on 5 June. Then the final trailer and the release date was launched on the 9th July. Final episodes of the sacred games season 2 are going to launch on the 15th August 2019.

Season 2 of Sacred Games

season 2 sacred games

As the trailer begins we come to see the Bunty and he got a called from the Gaitonde. He was very surprised by the call of the Gaitonde. In another scene, we get some quick snaps from the sacred games season 1 and Gaitonde saying that, he just wants to take the revenge. The Mumbai Police is now ready for this and also have much clue. But still, they are not sure and confirmed that what actually is going to happen. As predicted by us Guruji the third father of the Ganesh Gaitonde is going to cover the much of part.

In the sacred games season 2, he is going to be in the main lead role. As in the sacred games season 1, in the last episode he won the trust and heart of the Ganesh Gaitonde by setting him free from the jail. But in reality, he doesn’t know that the Guruji was the only person who was responsible for all this behavior with the Gaitonde. Continuing with the trailer, we are getting some idea that this is going to be the last season of the sacred games season 2. I bet this trailer will don’t even let you blink your eye.

season 2 sacred games

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