Garden wedding party seems very happening these days, don't you agree with me ? Especially during this season when everyone goes out from their houses and just enjoying the blooming flowers and nice air. As well as in Indonesia, country where I live. Although here is always has tropical climate, I notice there are so many garden wedding parties which held during this season ( especially in Bali ) - but the problem is that there are quite many brides who's still figuring out what their bridesmaids should wear during their big day without looking too exaggerate but still very stylish and pretty. That's why when I scrolled around Rom Prom 's website, I decided to just share my opinion about what bridesmaid should wear during summer wedding because actually they have so many choices of cheap bridemaid dresses. Check these styles out :)
1. Lilac Dream
As one of the biggest trend this season, lilac has been loved with so many women. It looks romantic and fresh at the same time. Silk fabric with less detail seems like a perfect choice to achieve simple yet elegant look.

2. Mini Dress
Summer outfit is all about comfort. It would be too much sometimes if the dress of the bridesmaid is too ellaborate and too long which will make the bridesmaid hard to walk. That's why to avoid that, it would be much better to go for mini dress because it's more comfortable, especially for garden party.
So, are you ready for summer wedding party this year ? Which look do you prefer ?