Father’s Day. A date in which we can take advantage of surprise and excite our dad and thank him for everything he has done for us. Whether you are looking for a gift for a first-time father or a surprise fitted to the pockets of the kids, in Regalo Original we want to propose several options with which, this year, you will triumph. Do not miss it!

Gift kit for parents

This cute kit is perfect for those who are not sure what to give this year. It includes several products among which we can find a tie, an elegant pen, and a delicious wine.
In addition, You can customize your packaging with the name of our father. We will find different options to choose from with an exciting phrase such as: ” My hero is called … but I call him dad “. I’m sure his drool falls when he arrives.

Gift book for parents

If we have a very tight budget or look for a simple gift, we can opt for this book.
A gift for less than  INR500, with a careful design and a huge sentimental value. The booklet includes ideas to share as a family when our father wishes. They are surprises that do not cost money but that have a value beyond the economic since they help us to spend time together.

Some of the ideas that we can find in the checkbook would be: “A walk in the family” or “choose the pizzas for dinner that night.”

Customized Phone Case

The Customized mobile back cover is an ideal complement for him. It is a phone case with your dad’s photo printed on its surface. You can choose different effects while placing your order. You can also make a collage phone case with different photos.
We can choose 4 photographs of the family or of the children to design this unique and special gift.

Wooden basket for beers

If your father is a beer fan, this gift will enchant him.
It is a beer transport basket made of dark wood. The box is personalized with the name of our father (or with the text we want), leaving a very special memory of Father’s Day. In addition, the box is shipped filled with 6 bottles of beer ready to enjoy.

Breakfast Parents

There is nothing like receiving breakfast at home. To be surprised with this gift remains in memory forever, since it is something that nobody usually expects.
This year, surprise your father with this nice gift that includes 5 different types of pastries, a balloon to congratulate him in his day, a thermos, cup, cutlery, cereals, coffee … Success assured!

Personalized t-shirt for father and son “I am your father”

Dressing up is one of the most fun things to do as a family. With this pack of a t-shirt for parents and children, they can go for a walk and show off their family.

It is an ideal gift for the geek parents of Star Wars.

These are just some of the little ideas we have collected for you, but of course, there are dozens of different options. We sell the products where you can find a lot of gifts tailored to all budgets and tastes. Surely this year will be delighted with your Father’s Day gift.

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