Buying on the Internet is an increasingly common practice. It offers a lot of advantages over traditional trade: greater variety, comfort, better prices … But, above all, it allows us to find products that we would not easily find in other places. Therefore, making an online purchase is a growing trend. But, do we know how to buy? The Internet offers innumerable benefits but also hides some problems, as is the case of security. Anyone who buys on the Internet worries more or less about the security of their data and the transaction. Do you want to know the basics to ensure a safe shopping experience ?. In today’s post, we give you some key ideas.

What should we check when entering an online store?

By accessing an online store we can find some clues that will help us detect if it is safe or can be a fake trade. Some of the points we can look at are:

  • The URL of the web begins with https.

Websites with this type of protocol will encrypt all the personal information that we enter to prevent third parties from stealing this data. It is very important that this protocol appears, at least, in the part of the order payment but it is advisable that it is always present. In Original Gift, we guarantee this level of security from the first step of the purchase.

  • The information about the products is confusing or scarce.

A company that tries to swindle will give minimum details of the products to give an equivocal idea to the customer of what they will receive. In Original Gift, we review daily the descriptions of our gifts to extend them with all the possible doubts that you ask us. In addition, we are always available to clarify any questions you may have with the products.

  • Ways of contact with the company. 

A fictitious company will offer many obstacles to contact them. It is possible that they do not have any contact email or telephone number to contact us in case of doubts or problems. On our website, we offer multiple forms of contact at your disposal: email, telephone, social networks …

  • Order tracking

It is important that, at the end of our purchase, we receive information about the order. At all times we should be able to know the state in which the purchase, design, shipping, etc. are located. The companies that want to cheat us often disappear once they receive our money.

What should be fixed when making the payment?

The most delicate part of any purchase on the Internet is the payment. That a company or person with bad intentions can steal the data of our card is our worst nightmare. However, there are aspects in which we can look to ensure that the payment is safe.

  • Make sure that the https protocol is active when making the payment.

As we mentioned, the https protocol encrypts all our information to prevent it from being copied by third parties. It is vital that this protocol is active, at least, in the part of the payment of the order.

  • Various payment methods

If the website offers several ways to confirm the payment (not only card), it is likely that we are facing a trusted website. Especially if the web offers the option to make the payment with Paypal, the online platform of payment by the Internet that guarantees us the return of the money in case of a fraudulent transaction.

  • Do not use public WiFis

Public Wifi is accessible to all types of users and, therefore, we can never know what kind of person has access to them. Therefore, a basic recommendation is not to introduce any personal data, banking or passwords while browsing a public network.

  • Do not send card data by email

A secure website will never ask us to send our bank details by email or request the password of our account. They will have a POS in which to insert the card and which will encrypt the data. The email is not just a form of communication not encrypted, but it means sending sensitive information to a person we do not know and who can use it.

To conclude, some clues that will also tell us if we are facing a secure trade are: the web has real opinions of customers, in which we see both good and bad opinions (so we make sure they are not manipulated), there are not too showy bargains, in their social networks maintain a high number of followers and have updated content.

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