Are you invited to a special wedding and don’t want to limit yourself to giving the classic envelope with money? Are very special friends or relatives getting married? For these important weddings, it is not superfluous to surprise them with a detail that makes their big day even more special. Therefore, in today’s post, we have compiled some of the best wedding gifts with which to bring tears to the future bride and groom – we hope you like them!

Wedding sweets cake

I’m sure the bride and groom will have a great cake, but if you want to add a sweet touch to this day, there’s nothing better than a sweets cake. It’s a detail that children will especially appreciate but also fans of more adult treats. The cake is prepared with care manually in our own facilities, so we can guarantee that the sweets will be very soft and affectionately placed. This cake, made with a kilo of sweets, is crowned with a figure of a couple of boyfriends.

Nuptial Heart

This fun heart contains more than 100 tests that newlyweds can do in privacy. It’s an ideal game for romantic or sexy moments, depending on the role we choose. It will help them to spend the first year in a common movie.

Wedding Couple Mugs with names

Custom Couple Mugs are the newest among wedding gifts. In these times it is increasingly common that the photo shoot begins with the preparation of the bride and groom at home, so having details, such as these couple mugs, will give photographers unique opportunities to reflect the special moment. These mugs are made of premium ceramic. The personalization of the names is done one by one and in a handmade way.

Car with champagne for weddings

This fun stroller is the perfect frame for the first toast of the bride and groom. The stroller is made of wood and is customized with the wedding date or with the customization you want. In its interior, we will find two glasses of crystal cave and a small youngest of cava. We can take the gift to the restaurant and, when the couple arrives, the waiters will give it to them so that they can toast.

Vip Wedding Set

A very complete gift that includes two bottles of cava together with two glasses of cava. The bottles, to make them more special, are dressed in bride and groom costumes. In addition, we will have the option to personalize the glasses with the laser engraving of the text that we want. It is an excellent detail for the toast of the boyfriends or so that they can celebrate their first night together as husband and wife.

These are some of the ideas that you’ll meet as kings at any wedding. We are sure that you have stayed with the desire of more and, for that reason, we recommend you to have a look at the wedding gifts that you can find in our web. I’m sure you’ll find an idea that fits you 100% and adapts to the recipient’s tastes.

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