Mugs for companies to care for the environment. It has become fashionable to find solutions so as not to pollute so much, and not to spoil our planet in such an abusive way. We are talking about different private homes, but also about companies. These large, medium and small groups have proven to be very involved in this case and many companies have already changed customs and habits not to harm the environment.

One of the most worrying issues is the use of plastic cups and teaspoons to drink coffee in the office or take a break. Surprisingly, if we have an average of 230 working days a year, we can deduce that, with a consumption of 2 coffees a day, each employee would throw away up to 460 plastic cups. If we add to this the figure that a plastic cup takes between a century and a millennium to degrade, we find ourselves with a very unfavorable action for our planet.

Really, we are not aware of the damage we can do with small habits such as drinking coffee in the office. This habit must be changed as soon as possible, and many companies are starting to do it. How? Replacing plastic cups with cups for ceramic companies.

Ceramic Mugs, an alternative to plastic cups

Ceramic Mugs do not pollute, so they are a very good alternative for companies. While plastic cups and cutlery get into the trash and damage the environment, ceramic cups only need to be cleaned after use and are usable for the next time. So tirelessly, until you get bored with the design of the cup and change it for another.

In this sense, we have the best mugs for companies, because we personalize them with the image or logo you want. Therefore, if we are talking about companies, we can generate an order for a high quantity of cups for companies and customize them with the logo so that all employees have the opportunity to drink coffee, tea or drink water and juice in the corporate cups.

It is a very original gift for all employees, which will serve to motivate them and thank them for their work with small detail. And it is also a gift for our planet because the company will stop polluting and damaging the environment. Isn’t that a very tempting option?

Thanks also to our involvement with the environment, which we have been taking seriously for many years, many companies have been able to take the step of getting rid of plastic cups and cutlery. Why not take the opportunity and do the same with your company?

Personalized mugs with your company logo

It is very common to give personalized mugs with photos or names to people around us and to those we want to give a huge surprise for a special occasion or simply because they deserve it. However, it is becoming more and more fashionable for companies to order large quantities of cups to give to their employees, be it for the Christmas dinner, to thank them for all the work done in a whole year and difficult or, as we speak today, to change the bad habits that, as an institution and brand, are very important to clean their image.

Therefore, in Original Gift, you can find personalized mugs with photo or company logo. They are ceramic cups with a capacity of 33 cl to be able to drink coffee, tea or any drink without any problem. They have a handle, very comfortable not to burn your hand when you take the cup out of the microwave or coffee machine and are ideal for decorating the office table.

What worker doesn’t like to drink coffee in the middle of the morning while still performing his tasks on the computer? Who doesn’t have a cup with his spoon next to the computer keyboard? It’s a custom that most companies see as normal; that’s why we present you with this precious option: to give all employees a personalized mug with the company’s logo.

Ask us how many cups you want, and we will adjust the price to make the purchase much cheaper.

Advantages of using cups for companies

It is a trend that is becoming customary in many companies, but what are the benefits of getting rid of plastic cups and incorporating mugs with the company logo? The advantages are more than you think.

In addition to drinking much more comfortable with a ceramic cup than with a plastic cup, one of the most important advantages is taking care of our planet and the environment. How many times have you thought about what can contaminate the plastic cup you throw away every day when you have coffee in the office? That glass takes more than a century to degrade, so imagine what we are polluting.

Mugs for ceramic companies, on the other hand, do not pollute anything at all. You just have to wash them after use, and you can drink coffee as many times as you want. It is a very good solution.

For companies that work with coffee machines and face the problem of having to get rid of all of them, simply announce that there are coffee machines that detect cups. Therefore, a very good option is to buy machines with cup detectors so that all employees can use this type of ceramic containers to drink coffee at the time they want and can.

In short, a company wins in every respect by disposing of plastic cups and giving its employees ceramic Mugs personalized with the company logo.

Not only thinking about the good that is done to the planet and the demonstration that the company really cares about these issues but, speaking and thinking about marketing, can be a very positive brand strategy to show the image of responsibility to the environment.

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