Hi guys, happy weekend. On my second post in my blog's new face, i wanna share about self love.

Skirt - This is April
Bag - Stella Rossa
Shoes - Minka

I'm not an expert on this, trust me. I have a big insecurities on my self, I don't have self confidence, and always think negatively. But, let me share this, so we can learn together. I always have these things in mind : I'm just an ordinary girl, I don't have something I can do better than anyone, I'm just an average on anything. And, trust me, that mindset is killing me, It made me sometimes hate myself, and think that I don't deserve anything. But then I know it's affect my mental health and decide that I need to get out from that space, I need to change that perspectives. So, here I am, still learning to, but slowly but sure I try to love my self, more and more each day. And these small steps that I can share to you : I try to think every possibilities in a positive way, make my self more closer to God (eg. pray more often), try to change my sorry with thank you (I realised because of these insecurities I always say sorry, even for something that I know it's not my mistake, so I change my sorry to thank you, such as "sorry i'm late" to "thank you for waiting for me"), trust me, it affects how you valued your self. And if you wondering why this love self thing is important, here's i told you : you can't fell happy if you're not loving your self and you can't love others if you're not loving yourself first.

Moving on to my outfit, decide to pairing this simple top with this favourite skirt for today's post. Adding a cute shoes and of course a statement necklace to boost up my whole look. So, is this inspiring for your easy weekend's outfit? Trust me, these pairing just popped up in my mind 15 minutes before my fiance pick me up for date and turns out my favourite pairing this month, will definitely wearing these again. Oh, just a little tip for loving your self more : wear a nice outfits, if you love what you wear you will definitely love your self more. <3


Place : Eight Pies, PIK, North Jakarta