Hi Guys,

I'm back with another collection of ALTHEA A'BLOOM,


Actually, I really like cute things even when it comes to makeup,
Especially this Meringue Puff, 

There are 2 Variants, Giant and Baby Meringue Puff

Let me review them one by one.


Giant  Meringue Puff
Price            : IDR 37.000

Link to Buy :https://in.althea.kr/exclusive-brands/a-bloom/puffs/giant-meringue-puff-1p

Full-size       :48*46mm

Skin Type    : All Skin Types

I like it better since it's for my foundation used. It's simple and bouncy yet I love the blends this giant meringue puff gives.

Look at it, it's more smooth than using my bare hands (don't worry I already cleaned my hands lol)

I'm using it dry cause I love matte finish on my foundation and more covers on my dark areas.
If you like to have glowing skin and your skin but better looks,  you might wet the sponges, Cause this A'bloom meringue puffs can give you two way finish ~~~

Baby  Meringue Puff
Price            : IDR 53,000

Link to Buy :https://in.althea.kr/exclusive-brands/a-bloom/puffs/baby-meringue-puff-3p

Full-size       :30*28mm

Skin Type    : All Skin Types

Oh My, I loved it so much. Actually, I'm brush person but somehow, when I'm lazy I want a puff one that can blend my concealar and eye makeup primer.

So this baby meringue puff is actually the answer of my prayer, love this little baby can have multiple angle and reachable small areas to blend. 

It is also so bouncy and really easy to blend my concealar. Not to mention it's latex free and non toxic ingredients.

look how bouncy it is
Personally, these three are travel friendly mate and I could use it to blend my foundie too eventho I must be patient lol, since it's comes with three babies, I can use it as foundation, and the other one as concealar and powder. In conclusion this cutie baby are my friends in travel pouch cosmetics.

Don't forget to always wash them (for me twice a week or sometimes once a week, sorry guys bissy busy😢) and keep it dry before it puts into your pouch.

Ratings : 4/5

Yours Truly,