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For someone like me, falsies have always been playing an essential role in my life — experimenting around with eyeshadows never gets me far from them. Moreover, wearing a set of false lashes can instantly amp up your look, am i right or am i right?

And no, iam not a mascara-wearer i’ve surrendered with any of them, that not even the pricey one could actually hold my straight-as-hell eyelashes up for too long — just blame it on my stubborn eyelashes. Hence, i’ve always been relying on falsies my whole life, i stock up them like i stock up cakes in the fridges. YAS.

Thus, for you, millineal women who are also in the same case with me would be so eager seeing this bundle of enlightment haha. Seriously, this package is veryyy good investment even for beginner. I myself have tried every and each one of RUVV Lashes falsies and not even one has dissapointed me, the quality is just top notch. I’ve even worn them for like 4-ish times and are still in good conditions. And in this new – launched set, IamAddicted is collaborated with RUVV Lash and offers us a bundle comes with 3 falsies and eyelash curler. I honestly think this set is also suitable for a gift hehe.



Okay, since i got a lot of feedbacks and many of you seems to be so curious on the eyelash curler performance when i did a quick unboxing on Instagram,  lets get in to it first.


The eyelash curler comes packaged in transparent plastic box dominated with black and pastel pink font. There’s also a little info and directions at the back of the box.


The eyelash curler itself comes in rose gold metal with black silicone handle for an easy grip. IM TOTALLY HOOKED. Who can actually resist anything rose gold ?? hehe.



This curler also feels sturdy & strong — as of not going to break after 2-3 times usage .  The shape is not like the common eyelash curler out there, it looks like the well-known Shu Uemura S type curler but with longer an curvy-er shape which could get all the lashes from inner to outer corner of your lashline so well — without pinch-ouch-ing the skin. I honestly feel like this curler fits my eyeshape perfectly, not sure for those with smaller eyes though but pretty much sure this will do good as well since the curve is designed for asians eyes.




The difference between the regular eyelash curler and IamAddicted Eyelash curler. As you can see above,  the IamAddicted eyelash curler has curvy-er shape. It has good quality — thick and soft rubber band that doesn’t come off easily.

20180421073901_IMG_0468-01It also comes with one extra replacement pad.



  1. Oh hey my poor-straight eyelashes lol
  2. After curling them up with IAA eyelash curler — it looks decently curled a bit
  3. With mascara

Allrighty, after talking about the eyelash curler, lets move on to the falsies set from RUVV Lash. There are actually 2 types of set, one for wide eyes and another one is for small/monolid eyes. What i got here is the wide eyes type and no worries — you’ll still get an extra lash adhesive glue included inside the box. Don’t even think to neglect or throw the Lash adhesive away as RUVV Lash has good quality adhesive glue.



There’s nothing i dislike from these 3 pairs, all looking just so natural on my eyes that many people keep being mistaken that iam using lash extensions lol. The bands are all transparent which makes it possible to wear lashes without any liner. Here’s the picture of my eye with and without the falsies on, so you can see the impact of falsies way better.



I personally think this set is indeedly good steal for those who loves experiencing with false eyelashes or mascara (?)  because you get a great quality eyelash curler as well. The curler is very gentle because the pad is really soft and the curve fits  my eyes, thus I haven´t experienced any painful moment with this eyelash curler. All the falsies are also suitable for daily basis and looking natural, what’s not to love about them anyways. Besides, all of these stuff are locally made which is a plus point for sure.



For you who wants to see the rest of these eyelash kit and other products go check out their instagram IAM ADDICTED and RUVV LASH.

Price : 1 Eyelash Curler + 1 Asian / Wide Set (3lashes) only for IDR 209.000! Normal Price IDR 229.000.

For order:
I Am Addicted – line @iamaddicted
Ruvv Lash – line @ruvvlash