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If you guys are one of skincare junkie you must have heard alot about this local skincare based in Ubud, Bali — named UTAMA SPICE. From what i read, It’s a traditional skincare company that focusing on applying ancient Balinese herbal knowledge and using only 100% pure natural ingredients on their entire products. To read complete story about them go check it out here.

I personally have heard alot about them and seen their products all around internet and reviewed by some of my fellow bloggers. Totally intrigued to try out but you know i’m just a mom with easily-distracted- head and always ended up forgetting to purchase, until few weeks back that I got an email from Utama Spice Team that offered me to try and review their products. I was like WOW HURRAAAHHH SUH HAPPY haha the brand that i’ve been eyeing are noticing me, thankyou so much!

I honestly told them to send me whathever they want to, so when the goodies was arrived on my doorstep i got the “butterflies in my tummy” thingy on what’s inside the box haha. They sent me 3 products as pictured below.

Body care : Ocean Breeze \Salt Scrub , Pore Cleansing Facial Wash with Clay , and Castor Oil



One of the product that Utama Spice gave me is this cute little Salt Scrub. What’s not to love about the packaging? It comes in little transparent mason jar glass with silver cap. Not to mention, the detail emboss on top of its cap is a plus point. There are 3 selections to choose from the Salt Scrub; Pink Rosella, Ocean Breeze, and Bamboo Charcoal. Mine’s dominated with blue color as i get the Ocean Breeze variant.


Claims : a gentle exfoliator infused with butterfly pea, this scrub will effortlessly remove dead skin cells. Thus leaving you with smooth silky skin. To achieve maximum results, use this scrub once a week.


As you guys know Salt Scrub is effective to buff away dead skin cells, and for those with sensitive skin you may not worry as Utama Spice Salt Scrub has fine particles that won’t hurt the skin and scrubs so gently. It also barely has smell, just a little hint of ocean-ish scent that is actually calming.


I always tend to have pretty rough hands and I could tell it made a difference the first day I used it that it leaves my skin super silky smooth in an instant. Not to mention, you only need small amount for the whole body. The only downside is, it clearly is not travel-friendly as the packaging comes in glass jar and a bit bulky.

Netto / price : 100 gr / Rp 88.000,-


Castor oil is widely known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also has alooot of benefits both for hair and skin, i guess it’s one of the best multifunctional oil out there. This castor oil from Utama Spice comes in a white plastic bottle with flip-top, and all sealed up hence the hygiene of the product is assured. The bottle is wrapped by Utama Spice sticker-labeled with informative explanations (ingredients, product claims, etc). Gotta say it’s quite travel-friendly as the bottle is handy and not too big to get in our bag.




As it made of pure castor seed oil, no wonder that its so rich that the texture is sticky and thick. Due to a moisture-rich quality, the oil does not dry or evaporate easily. Sometimes when i feel like my skin is so dry i use it as my moisturizer, because it keeps my skin feels moist longer than my usual day / night cream or you can actually mix the castor oil with your favorite cream to achieve muuuch moist and glowy skin in the morning. It’s crazy good.

the formula is colorless and odorless


Aside of being my moisturizer replacement, castor oil is also well-known for its benefits to lengthen and thicken hair even your brows / lashes. So yes, i’ve been religiously use it as lashes serum as well. I don’t really see a significant result that my lashes grow looong already but i noticed they get stronger– not easily fall out. You just need to apply a small amount to your lashline before bed.

Oh, it also gives shine to lips. For those with easily dry and chapped lips go give it a go with castor oil. Thank me later haha.

Netto / Price : 100 ml / Rp 38.500,-

The last item that i received from Utama Spice Team is Pore Cleansing Facial Wash (with Clay). As the brand claimed on the website — “This is an all-natural face cleanser designed to clean deep inside your pores. Formulated with clay to absorb excess oils and remove daily pollutants. Enriched with turmeric, lavender, and tea tree”.


The packaging still comes standart (just like the Castor Oil’s) in white sturdy plastic bottle with flip-top. It has blue sticker label and very informative with all the ingredients list, how to use and all. The instructions of how to apply are so simple. You just need to squeeze a little out of the product, massage the cleanser onto skin for 30 seconds then rinse with lukewarm water. And as the instruction on the bottle, that this cleanser is not meant to use everyday but 2-times a week. Thus, i only use this facial wash on days when i wear heavy and full makeup.


As the title implies, this facial wash contains clay as the main ingredient and is meant to be a deep-cleaning cleanser. The product doesn’t come foam-y and the texture is clay-ish muddy as pictured below.


For me personally it gently removes dirt, oil and makeup without over-drying skin. As we all know, clay-based cleanser is best for oily and acne-prone skin as it helps mopping up excess oil , but surprisingly it does great job too on my normal-dry skin. It gently lifts away excess oil without drying the skin. For those with sensitive skin, worry not — there’s no discomfort tingly sensation after usage. Besides, all ingredients are guaranteed natural so it’s totally safe for your skin.

Netto / price : 100 ml / Rp 51.480,-


I love all the products they sent me, escpecially the Pore Cleansing Facial Wash. I’ve been using this item religiously for quite a while and my skin loves it. My face feels so clean and my cheeks don’t feel stripped or dry afterwards. Also, I notice while using ever few days it helps to maintain a clearer and more even skin tone. I bet this product is also great for those with oily skin as it will makes your skin feels so fresh, and it really keeps the breakouts at bay.

For those with dry skin like mine, castor oil also can be used as face oil for an extra moisture. Just use a little amount of it so that you wont feel too greasy throughout the day or in my case, i always use the castor oil only at night . I hear it also helps to prevent wrinkles (?) it really is a multifunctional product.

Meanwhile, i still can not say much about its ability to lengthen and thicken the lashes because i think it needs more than 2 weeks, maybe a month (?) To see the significant result. However, if you’re a daily mascara-wearer this castor oil will surely help to strengthen your eyelashes.


Also, for the salt scrub — it has right texture to exfoliate and get off the dead skin cell. Get ready to step out of the shower with nice and oh-so-soft-skin. The packaging is just too cute that you can bring it as a gift or souvenirs for your beloved ones.

It’s really amazing too that these products are coming from a local cruelty free company and made with all natural ingredients. Now i’m eyeing their face serum haha byemoneybye. Hence , for you who haven’t tried a product from this local brand, please just give it a go you won’t be dissapointed as the quality is top notch. Feel free to check out their complete catalogues here .
Thank you for stopping by and hope my review helps!