I'm thinking about change my blog, I mean, i usually start my blog with my update about my life, which is 97 percent is complaining about my busy days and how time flies. I'm thinking about something more positive, i want to influence people who read this to be a better version about their self. So let's start from this one.

Dress - Warehouse
Shoes - Urban n Co
Bag - Zara

I will start this post with a story, a few days ago, in my office there was a campaign to fight a plastic use because when it wasted then it will contaminate our sea, our nature, our world, which remind me on a beginning of this year one of my resolution is to give more love and attention to my surroundings environment. Even i started to use a stainless straw to reduce a plastic use, unfortunately it just last not longer than a month. After my office's campaign, I'm thinking to rejoin this "love nature" campaign again, back to  actualised one of my 2019's resolution. So, i start to bring my own straw whenever i go, i know it's so hard to not using plastic in our daily life. But, I do believe one small effort from one people will give a big impact. Imagine that a hundred person a day try to use a stainless straw instead of plastic straw, how many wasted straw will reduce in a year? So, with this post, i want to encourage you to become one of super hero for our planet, save our nature for our children and grand children. Start with a simple things such as use a stainless straw, bring your own tumblr, or use a paper bag instead of plastic bag. Let's start with a simple things but believe it will give a great impact.

Moving on to my outfit post, it was an easy weekend like usual when me and my fiancé decided to go to Bogor. So, I was wearing this simple floral dress from warehouse if I'm not wrong, i know it's my first time using something bright like this orange colour vibes dress. Orange reminds me of my mom, because she like the orange colour, well I can say that it suit her personality since orange such a happy colour. 5 years and not a single day I past without missing her. Sorry for being a cry baby. Well, I really love this dress, It doesn't make me look short with its midi length, does it? It gives a soft and feminine vibes when you wearing it. I even bring this as my pre-wedding shoot's outfit. What i want to say is, if you want to invest at some oufits, this dress is one of the right choice !


Place : Cohere Coffee, Bogor, West Java