Hello beautiful!^^

Pardon for my inactive on this blog, I'm really busy with my campus life (read: finish my thesis). I have some free time on weekend so I decided to write this post for you all^^~

Now, I will review about two products that I have from Born Pretty Store, I'm so happy that I got this two products that I will use often. So, please read more^^...

The first product that they gave me was 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil & Brush. My family and my friends know that I can't live without drawing my eyebrow lol~ I feel naked without drawing my brow hahaha. Who's with me? :D

This eyebrow come with black and slim packaging made from plastic. It's retractable, so you don't need to sharpen the product. 

This product comes with the brush, so you don't need to provide another brush. I found it was really helpful. You will have faster time to draw your brow because you don't need search your brush when you want to finish your brow. 

The brush itself is very soft and able to spread the eyebrow product evenly. There is a clear cap for the brush to keep the brush stays clean. On the cap, there are number that represent the shade of the eyebrow. I choose shade 03.

Like I said before that the product is retractable, so you have to spin the body to use it. I choose number 03, that I believe it was Dark Brown, but I was wrong, I choose the wrong number lol~ it was little bit lighter that I expected. To make it more darker, sometimes I always add brown eyeshadow or if I in a rush, I just use as it is, it's not too obvious though if I use lighter color hahaha...

For the first time I use this product, I don't like it because it's hard to apply and you need to several times to make the colour standout and it's little bit drying. But, after the several use, the product will 'melt' and easily to use. And you know what, I use this product until it's finished. I mean there are no leftover from this product, because I use this product like everyday and everytime lol~


The other product that I received from Born Pretty Store was 24 Colors Enchanting Eye Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette. Yes, you didn't read it wrong. It's 24 colors of eyeshadow lol~

It comes with cardboard box that show the color on the front side. There are explanation about the product on the back of the box and then expired information. 

The packaging itself made from plasctic and it's fragile. I have to put it carefully in order to not break it. From the front side, we can see the color of the eyeshadow clearly. 

There are 24 eyeshadow color and the placement itself divided into 3 colors like that. All the colors contain shimmer and powdery. But, some of the color has nice pigmentation especially the 3 colors on the bottom left. I wonder wht rhe brown-golden-cooper family color always standout on the eyeshadow pallete lol~. This product provided by sponge brush and a little mirror. 

I swatched random colors from the palete, the left one without base and right one with base. As you can se, the bronze is the most pigmented than the other shades. I have hard time to swatch the purple one, I need several time swatch so the color become like that. 

This is my creation using the two products above. I made some grayish-green smokey eye look^^~

That's all from me. Thank you so much for spending your time to read my post. Have a great day 

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