Hi everyone ! It's another long weekdays as usual, right? But, it's finally come the days which everyone waiting for, called weekend.  Just quick update about my life in past few weeks : busy weekdays as usual, hectic weekend preparing my big day which will come in a months, and still trying hard to manage time for update my blog as much as possible. There's a bunch of contents waiting to be posted, but 24 hours seems never enough for me. How's yours?

Anyway, this post will definitely still an outfit post tho. Decide to wearing this pairing to spend my weekend, as you can see my outfit in a past few weeks still on feminine vibes. I just realised how often i wear a skirt lately. Oh, yes, don't mentioned about the skirt, you guys already seen it many times popped up in this page. I'm a once-i-love-it-i-will-wear-it-over-and-over-again kinda type. I know, i'm not that often using a shirt, especially a long one. I think after 3 years of my journey in this blog, this my first time using a long shirt. Well, kinda love it, seems you will see this kinda style several more times.

Speak soon?

Place : Wake Up Coffee Harmoni, Central Jakarta

Shirt - Shop at Aleen
Skirt - This is April
Bag - Povilo.id
Shoe - Shoelabel