Hello, pals! Back with Milka Amelia at Charming Berryz, and this is my very first post on May, I wish that this new month will bring more joy and blessings for me and you!

I'm gonna start my first post on May with an event post update, it's Levi's Indonesia Event on April 27th 2019, several days ago that held at Penang Bistro, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta. This time, Levi's is having a campaign to celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and the determination to inspire change in women's world.

OOTD at Levi's "I Shape My World" Event

And how could Levi's made this big "I Shape My World" Campaign? It's because Levi's got inspired by India's 2017 "I Shape My World" campaign, that Levi's took a step further by creating more universal, global campaign for all who identify as a woman. With some strong and empowering tag lines: "Risk Taker", "Rule Breaker", and "Change Maker" that wanna break those stereotypes and limits for women all this whole time, and show that women have no limits, women could make a big impact and being an inspiration for the world, no matter how their look, race and another backgrounds that usually "limiting" women.

For Levi's Indonesia, there are some inspirational women that became Levi's icons in this "I Shape My World" Campaign with their own uniqueness and powers. Those cool women are Kartika Jahja a woman musician and gender equality activist, Soraya Cassandra who started Urban Farming Movement to take care of nature, Angkie Yudistia who built Professional Network for people with disabilities, Mouly Surya a film director, and Alamanda Shantika who made a school for IT Engineering.
Soraya Cassandra, Adhita Idris (Country Marketing head) and Kartika Jahja as speakers

In the event, Levi's marketing head, Adhita Idris, Kartika Jahja and Soraya Cassandra came and shared their works, their own movements to break those limits that world gave for them, but in the end they are able to survive and proof to the world, that women could do greater things too despite all the difficulties they've faced.

This Levi's "I Shape My World" is enlivened by Delika, a band that won Levi's Band Competition, and a super creative art workshop from Bartega and Levi's. In that workshop, we made our own doodle denim tote bag from recycled denim materials from Levi's, using acrylic paints and brushes, and we created our own doodles on that tote bag for 90 minutes.

Taa...daa..! Here's my messy denim tote bag that I've made xD I got no inspirations at all that day, lol.

The most exciting part in this event, was the Levi's New Collections Runway, and Levi'newest collection has casual, summery and fun vibes that really represents dynamic, active and aspiring women icons, just check the photos below,

And my favorite new collection from Levi's is this black tropical leaves shirt, super in love with the tropical prints, color combination, it's really a casual and fun shirt that easy to wear in daily life. This Levi's "I Shape My World" Event was a blast and I really enjoyed attending and having fun here, I got lots of inspirations and motivation as well from the women icons from Levi's.

Milka, as a woman too need to work and strive harder to break my limits and proof that I could be an inspirations as well, like Levi's inspiring icons too. For you, my women reader, don't forget to love yourself, know your worth, don't mind those people who brings negativities in your life, and start making better moves and changes in life.

Let's be a rule breakers, change makers and risk taker, because we are in charge, no excuses, no delay because the time is now.
Let's #liveinlevis

Thank you for reading my post, hope that you'll get inspired and see you on Milka's new posts! Check more Milka's update by following my instagram @milka.amelia .