At first glance I wondered how this super luxurious and pretty hair treatment would work on my hair! I saw it at Guardian and not so long after that I got invited to the Moist Diane launch at Mall Taman Anggrek! Whoa, now finally available in Indonesia.

Now I know why, this product works really gently while at the same time nourishes the hair. No wonder I see influencers raving about this! The main ingredients they have are Argan Oil and Beauty Keratin. Let me highlight about Argan Oil a bit. Argan Oil has the excellent ability to moisturize your hair and the oil used in Moist Diane products has passed very strict organic qualifications. And one more thing you need to know is… Moist Diane Non Silicones, Sulphates and Parabens - Colour Safe
So no worries girls! 

The Moist Diane Managing Director came all the way from Japan to explain further about the products and engage with us. All the bloggers and influencers dressed up really beautifully, just like what we got called, the Moist Diane Angels! HAHAHA .  Moist Diane products make your crown (hair) feel like it’s been treated like an angel. See from the photos!  All the decoration is so calming; it was all pink and feminine. 

Challenges and games time! Volunteered Angels must guess the right hair treatment of Moist Diane by smelling the fragrance from secret bottles. And yes, we mostly guessed right since the scent is really authentically unique from one another. Although having said that the level of fragrance in the product is gentle, yet I can still say that all the products really smell AMAZING!

My hair type happens to need Moist Diane Extra Smooth & Straight due to my split-ends. I have been using the shampoo and hair treatment (conditioner) for weeks and it turns out great! I love the smooth feeling afterward. Oh, you need to know that the conditioner doesn't feel too oily nor sticky, which I love. 

They also have two other great products, Moist Diane Extra Volume & Scalp and Moist Diane Extra Moist & Shine. The Volume & Scalp is to treat your oily scalp and even more importantly volumize your straight, limp hair. Lastly, Moist & Shine fixes dull or colored hair that can get even more frizzy at times. Hope you find your holly grail loves!

SSSSTT, as soon as possible, they will also launch their new series of Moist Diane Damage and Repair!  Whilst you’re waiting, all the series mentioned here are already available and can be purchased at JD.ID, Guardian, AEON, and Ranch Market.

Or, just contact them through instragram; @MoistDianeID

Thank you for having me Moist Diane Indonesia