Happy Sunday and hello guys. How are you? Me feeling so fresh after had a long weekend, can we back to last Friday again? 

Skirt - This is April
Shoes - Charles and Keith
Bag - Zara

On few previous posts before, i told you my job at weekdays, so you must wonder how i dress look like everyday. Trust me, don't, lol. Some of you must know me in real, and of course you know how mess i look everyday. But, well if it comes to cross your mind, just imagine this is my everyday's look. This pairing actually my outfit to attend last event with one of makeup's brand. Decide to make a little bit professional look rather than casual one. Trust me, you will see this top in a few post to come, just because i really love it,  whenever i don't know what to wear i just grab this top and pair it with everything i have in my closet and i still look so chic without look too plain. 

Till next time,

Place : Central Park, West Jakarta