When make up meets music! I can say that this collaboration between Ultima II & Spotify amazes me. Never seen quite interesting collab as this for sure. Anw, i was invited by Beauty Journal last week to attend " DELICATE PLAY MY MATTE Launching". Guess what it stand for?

Enriched with Vitamin C and E also shea butter and collagen, yes, it is Ultima II's newest lip stick on the block! Totally in love with the packaging as it's really chic and looks expensive at the same time. They provides 9 colors available from the mauve, peach into the bold color one. I personally feel all the color is considerably wearable from day-night look. But, as the proven efficiency is what i aim for, i have already posted on my ig story a sneak peek of me wearing this one..

The texture is really safe to use for daily as it doesn't make your lip chapped. The ingredients combo is just really impactful. When you glide it, you can feel that it is really smooth and leaves glossy touch at first. But, as it's drying to matte, the finish is quite more into satin and still convinient as 'matte' lipstick. Wait! They're all also intensely pigmented with buildable color pay off to seal in color and softness.

The event had been prepared nicely as i really enjoyed my time there! From the lunch, time to try on the lipstick, in the end of the event, we also got 2 playful challenges.  The first challenge shocked me a bit, as we all the bloggers there are the leaders of our own grup. We need to lead our team to make lip swatches on one hand and the result should describe the "Play My Matte" as well. We got only few mins to finish the swatches, so it's really fun and thrilling!!! hahaha

Uh, glad that i can share the good news to you! Spotify and Ultima II also provides songs into 3 categories to accompany your day, Chill-leaders, Heaven Bliss and Fame-fatale. Surely it can be accessed through your Spotify! Super inspirative right :"DDD  

For the second challenge, into the same group again, they presented song guessing challenge! Know it's not my lane, i still had lots of fun eventough my team didn't win those two challenges hihi. Happy heart still!

I hope that will be many brands in the future that can make such great innovation and collaboration like this. In the end of my story, i also want to inform that this-holy grail matte lipstick is already available to purchase at their store.

If you guys still wandering about this one, hop over to Ultima II social media https://www.instagram.com/ultimaii_id/ ! Thank you for having me Beauty Journal and Ultima II, find  the event really uplifted my mood.