Another outfit post, yeayyy. I feel more productive lately, there's a lot of posts delayed will up in my blog soon, you will see. Despite of my busy weekdays, i will manage my time more effectively to write more often since in 1st May will be my 3rd blog anniversary. How times flies, i really want to say thank you to everyone who take their little time to read my ordinary blog.

Bag - Stella Rosa
Shoes - Adidas

After a few previous post i dress up more mature, today's post i'm back with my playful side. A cute mini skirt with long vest is my choice for today. Pairing them with my new sneakers, and i'm ready to go. Tell me, with this outfit, i didn't look at my actually age, did i? Sometime i really love wearing this kind of pairing, to make me feel like i'm forever 17, lol. 

Have a good day!

Place : Fred, PIK, North Jakarta