FRIYAY again !

Do you have any plan on this weekend? Maybe you will attend some events, party or just hangout with your friend. So, today I want to share some simple make up inspiration for you. In this occasion, I will used a shimmery eyeliner to make my eyes decoration POP-UP and looks shinny.

Several days ago, I got the chance to try a new product from Absolute New York cosmetic. ANY just launched their new shimmery eyeliner series that called with “Starry Eyed Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner”. Comes with 6 different colors, ANY shimmery eyeliner has special thing that different with another brands. The “calligraphy” brush tip applicator is very friendly for beginner and helps you to create any design of eyeliner that you want.

Starry Eyed Shimmer Eyeliner


ANY just launch 6 liquid shimmery liners that make your eyes decoration more shinny and brighter than before. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner on make up creation world, ANY starry eyed liner will not make you put so much effort to create any awesome liners. This eyeliner is flexible, precision, and comes with a calligraphy brush tip. So, with calligraphy brush tip you’ll allows to draw on crips metallic lines to add instant glitz to your favorite eye looks.

The first time I saw this products, I really fall in love with shimmery eyeliner in number #02 Solar. So, I decide to pick the gold colors to create some simple eyes creations. Why Gold? Because Gold or Silver colors will makes your eyes look POP-UP and more elegant. Now, let’s we take a look this shimmer liquid liner closer…

Calligraphy Brush Tip
ANY Starry Eyed Shimmery #02 Solar

Talk about the “product” material, the first thing that I remember until today is ANY starry eyed have super good shimmer. Same as their branding “Starry“, this eyeliner will make your eyes look shinny like a star in the sky (LOL). I like the color finish, 100% pigmented and the gold color is pretty good. Texture of this eyeliner not that too fluid because it contains a lot of glitters and fast to dry ofc. So, you must to applied this eyeliner little by little, until you got the perfect line that you wants.

Hand Swatch
#02 Solar (Gold)

Starry eyed shimmer liquid eyeliner areavailable with 8 color choices. I like the way they give a special name on each colors, because a color series of something is nothing without a special name. It’s all about branding and remembering, we will easier to remember some color/products with their special name. The colors that available in this series is #01 Lunar (Silver/Light Grey), #02 Solar (Gold), #03 SuperNova (Pink), #04 StarLight (Green), #05 Neptune (Blue), #06 MilkyWay (Violet), #07 Cosmic (Dark Grey), and #08 DarkSide (Black).

ANY Starry Eyed Liquid Eyeliner

Product Info

ANY Starry Eyed Liquid Liner

Net/Netto : 5.5 ml

Brand Origin : USA

Price : 130.000 – 150.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio andANY Website

So, you have a lot of color choices, if you a fantasy make up creator I think you need to have all of them. Especially 2 my favorite color #01 Lunar and #02 Solar. Other than those color, I recommend you to try #06 MilkyWay color to made a galaxy creation. I’m not the one of fantasy make up creator, but I really like to seen their works.


Like another eyeliner packaging, Starry eyed shimmer liquid eyeliner comes with small and light packaging. ANY made the packaging more fun with eight different colors in the outside. These colors will help us to differentiate when we have more than one colors. Other than that, a long cover of this eyeliner,make us more comfortable to hold and create the line (like grasp a pencil). Easy to put it anywhere and unbreakable packaging.

Final Thought

I made two eye decoration look with starry eyed shimmer liquid liner in number #02 Solar. Honestly, I think, it is easy to make a eyes decoration, like any photo that I seen on Instagram. After I try it, I feel really hard to made a neat, clean, clear and beautiful line. Let’s we see together :

First eyes creation

On first look, I draw a line above my black eyeliner, on my eyelid line, under my eyes, and in inner eyes.I think this look is not bad, my eye look shinny and my eyes look very firm. I like it ! But… there’s a problem comes up, liquid eyeliner that I put on eyelid line is smudging. I think this problem caused by I didn’t used any eyeshadow primer? (Maybe) or I need to close my eyes for a few second until the liquid is totally dry. I’m not the type of person who can be patient when applied something (LOL). Well, what do you think about my first look? is that good?

Second eyes creation

In my second look, I just draw a long line above the black eyeliner. Super simple and really easy to made it, but again… not that easy for me. I need to put the liquid eyeliner little by little, because of the tip brush. Seriously, even tho the calligraph tip brush will help the beginner to create a perfect line, but for me super thin hair brush still the best. Why? Because the hairy brush will save the liquid, so we didn’t need to dab again and again.

If I can choose from those eyes creation, I choose the second look. I like a simple elegant looks. Even tho the gold line just above of black eyeliner, my eyes still look POP-UP and shinny. I will create this look again when I attend a semi-formal events or when I hangout. The first look that I created is more suitable to night events or some event with high-lighting, so the eyes decoration look super shinny (blink.. blink..).

Overall, I give rate 4/5 for ANY Starry eyed shimmer liquid eyeliner. Based to their claims about this product, I will give you the proving. They claims if this eyeliner is long-wearing (yes true !), last up to 5hrs +++ without smudging if you applied the eyeliner well. The second is waterproof (Yash! true) this eyeliner 100% waterproof and the last is high-pigmentation (Yap, true !). I can guaranteed if this eyeliner is really pigmented (look at my hand swatch). Other than that, I can said this eyeliner have a pretty good shimmer and glitter too.

Nothing is perfect, so is this. Starry eyed shimmer liquid eyeliner is patchy. I don’t know, this problem comes up from the liquid or the applicator. You can’t make a perfect eyeliner in oncescratch,you need to draw little by little because the liquid is quickly faded in the last scratch. I think the liquid is totally fine, so if I change the applicator with hairy brush I can make a perfect line in one scratch.

So, thats all guys !

I hope you enjoy it and take it as useful information.

I wanna to say Thank you to Absolute New York cosmetic and Surabaya Beauty Blogger to let me try their new products.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

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