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Happy Thursday everyone ! I hope your day goes well. Today’s the weather is really cold (like my heart? #eh), but I wanna to share something new to you and I hope you enjoy it.

Alright guys.. sometime ago I got the chance to joined on 3rd Surabaya Beauty Blogger Soiree. Like usual, the event went successfully and the thing that made me really happy is Goodie Bag. Yap ! I got so so so much heaven stuff from Cathy Doll. Why am I so excited? Because so far I only know about the brand only and never tried it.

Cathy Doll ❥

The first time, I got to know this brand about two years ago or more maybe. I think this is the local brand from Thailand, but I’m totally wrong ! Cathy doll is the one of Korea cosmetic brandwhich has a manufacture factory in Thailand. So guys, this is a Korea cosmetic brand !It’s not too hard to find the Cathy doll products, you can easily found in supermarket like Lottemart, Hypermart, Guardian, Watson, etc. But, I suggest you to buy directly on their website to get more complete items with the latest collection. Honestly, I got so much product, but today I wanna to make special review about 2 special product from Cathy doll.

The first one is CC Cream speed white.

I used this CC cream after I applied the sun screen cream and primer (I used the clear primer foundation from Absolute New York). Fyi, 3 days ago I tried to use fix and fix primer from Etude House and the result is really amazing ! Seriously ! But, be patient I will give you a review next month maybe. Okay next, I applied the CC Cream Speed White.

CC Cream Speed White ❥


Let me tell you my first impression about CC Cream Speed White from Cathy Doll. Honestly, I’m not a CC cream lover, I’ve been used CC Cream from Etude House but I think the CC cream coverage is not good enough (I have bad relationship with redness btw), so I stop and still used BB Cream for daily use. First time I swatch this CC cream in my hand, I fall in love in the first sight with the soft texture and the water content. Yap ! this CC cream super easy to blend and fast to dry. I guaranteed this CC cream not sticky at all and you can get the fresh/cool sensation after applied this CC cream.Let’s we see the before result of this CC cream below :

Overall, I like with the finish. My facial skin looks so natural, moist and bright. I can said this CC cream haslight coverage, because as you can see my redness and acne scars still looks very clear. Omg ! So, I need to put concealer more to coverage my flaws. This CC creamcan flatten my skin tone with color control formula. Moreover, this CC cream equipped with SPF 50 PA+++ that can protect our skin from excessive UV rays. If you have oily skin type like me, don’t worry guys ! This CC cream can control the oil production up to 12 hours. I suggest you to applied this CC cream with your hand directly rather than with beauty blender.

ThisCC Cream is available in 2 shade #lightbeige and #green, mine is #lightbeige.Thelight beige shadesuitable for smoothing and brightening your facial skin,Green shadeis perfect for correcting an uneven skin tone and covering spots. Well, next time I will re-buy this CC Cream with green shade, because the covering sport formula will help me to cover any flaws on my facial skin. Btw, this CC cream is waterproof, paraben-free formula will help you to brighten your skin an repairs damage from daily exposure and environmental element.

Product Info

Cathy Doll CC Cream Speed White

Net/Netto : 50 g

Brand Origin : Korea

Price : 208.000

Where to buy :Supermarket, Drug Store, Cathy Doll Website


Cathy Doll is never failed to made a cute packaging. Combination of pastel leopard, white based color and pinky violet, make this CC cream looks very cute and eye catching. The small tube tip, can help us to adjust the amount of liquid that comes out. The tube is very light and easily to carrying everywhere.

So, What do you think guys? are you interested to tried? I reallyRECOMMENDthis product to you, especially for you who doesn’t have any problem with redness and acnes scars. This CC cream will help you to look natural with healthy facial skin. Suitable for daily base make up for teenager with very affordable priced.

The second one is Realbrow tatto 4D tint.

I know, most of you will me ask me, “do you have eyebrows?” I will said : “NO” Haha !ツ My eyebrowsvery thin and almost invisible. This is genetic guys, chill. That’s why I always have bangs to cover it. Other than that, I can’t draw the eyebrows perfectly. So, my bangs alwayshelp me to look confident. Okay, today I wanna to introduce special product from Cathy Dollwhich can make your eyebrows look more perfect.

Cathy Doll Real brow 4D Tatto Tint



Cathy doll Realbrow 4D tatto tint will help you to made a feathery eyebrows and look more natural. Before I applied this tatto tint, I draw my eyebrows with Etude House drawing eyebrow in Dark Brown shade. So, after I draw my eyebrow and brush it to makes my eyebrow look naturally, next I applied realbrow 4D tatto tint. The tippen with 4 lines like a fork, will help you to make your eyebrows look neatly and awesome.

This tint is really easy to applied ! Trust me. You only need to swatch once and WALAAA… the color will be popping out and the tint really fast to dry. Realbrow tatto tint is available in 3 color #2 AshBrown, #3 DarkBrown, and #4 GreyBrown and mine is #3 DarkBrown.

Product Info

Cathy DollRealBrow 4D Tatto Tint

Brand Origin : Korea

Price : 148.000

Where to buy :Supermarket, Drug Store,Cathy Doll Website

Well, before I write this review, I’ve read some testimony on Cathy Doll website about this eyebrow tint. Overall,all consumers who have already tried this product said if they are very satisfied. They said if the color is super pigmented, special 4 lines tip makes their eyebrows look neat, and they didn’t need to use any brush again, because the linescan be used as brush too. So, I can said this eyebrow tint isHIGHLY RECOMMENDfor you. Don’t hesitate to buy and try this product, I guarantee you’ll never be regret after that.

Medium Used


Same as another eyebrows pencil, this eyebrow tint super cute, light and easy to put everywhere.

Okay guys ! I hope you enjoy it !

Iwill give you another review about Cathy Doll product as soon as possible.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review, feel free to contact me onIG : @tephietephorAsk.fm : @tephtephie

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