Happy Gloomy Thursday guys

First of all, I want to say really sorry because I’ve been rarely to giving you any beauty review. My life will change soon, maybe I will share with you on my 8th anniversary post really soon. So, Please stay tune if you wanna know what has happened.

Okay, back to the main purpose ! Today I want to give you some tips or inspiration for night party or fancy event make up. So, this is my very first time trying to make theGLAMMake up. Seriously, I never dared to try this style of make up because my basic face type is fierce. I think with glam and bold make up, I will look more fierce than before and as usual everyone will judge me as arrogant person.

To make this look I just use some of BYS cosmetic products,as you know BYS is the one of make up brand from Aussie. BYS has a lot of eyeshadow palette series, but today I choose BYS Nude On The Go Paletteto make the smokey eyes look.

BYS Palette On The Go

Let’s we start from the basic !

First step, after I clean my face, I put some moisturizer (mine is from dermatologist). Then, I use the clear primer from Absolute New York. Fyi, I like this primer so much, because the matte finish can make my make up look perfectly. More over, the oil controlling from this primer make my make up long lasting up to 4-5 hours.

ANY Clear Primer Foundation ✮

Second step, I applied the foundation (mine is from Etude House – double lasting foundation in beige shade) and then I tap used the beauty blender. Some tips that I got from my friend who’s expert in make up, she said if you want to got the perfect based for night party, please used the brush to blend. If want the natural based you can still used the beauty blender. This is because the beauty blender absorbs more products than the brush. This time I used the beauty blender because I don’t have any brush for foundation blend.

Third step, I apply the concealer in some part of my face. My facial skin type is very sensitive, so easily to appear the redness when itching, the temperature changes and misuse some of skin care. So, concealer is my dark circle and redness savior.

Before ツ
After ツ

This time I used Radiant Cover Concealer from ANY again, you can read the full review about this concealer here. This concealer is very pigmented, so no need to used this concealer to much, just a little bit and tapping around, and then you can get the perfect result. This concealer long last up to 6 hours or more, depends on your skin type. Honestly, for daily use I prefer to used Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer.This concealer is very light, the liquid can adjust to your facial skin tone after applied, and theresult is very natural. Same as ANY radiant cover concealer, the borjouis concealer can last up to 6 hours or more. I’m sorry, I haven’t write a review about this concealer, I will up the review soon.

ANY Radiant Cover Concealer in number #01✮

Fourth step,I applied the BYS Nude Palette carefully. Yap ! Until today, I still learning how to apply the eyeshadow perfectly. Before I play with dark color, I appliedcream shadeas the based. Then, I putfancy shade all over lid,coco shadefor outer corner andmodel shadeas the V outer corner. Honestly, I can write the step easily, but when I applied this eyeshadow I’m very struggle to get the perfect smokey eyes. I admit, BYS Nude palette is very pigmented, especially the dark color.

BYS Nude Palette On the go

You need to tap the brush first before applied, so the color is not too excessive. This eyeshadow have a flaky texture, so tapping the brush before you apply is very important. Please use the eyeshadow based first before you apply to make the eyeshadow perfectly attached. After the eyeshadow done, the next step I applied the eyeliner (mine is Maybeline Hypersharp liner #red) and put the fake eyelashes (Miniso natural fake eyelashes). What do you think about my creation? Good enough or bad? Please leave your comment bellow or just send me DM on my instagram account.

Smokey Eyes finish look ✮

Last step,I put some loose powder (mine is BYS Loose powder #lighttomedium) in my jaw line, for head and tapping a little bit on my cheek. I’m the type of person that always put loose powder after the make up finish. This step can make your make up long lasting and don’t forget to applied setting spray for the maximal protection.

BYS Loose Powder ✮

After loose powder, I applied the strobing and shading from ANY for contour (I just use the baked color) and then I applied the blush on (mine is Maybelline Color show #peachysweety).


I proudly present my glam make up version for you

The Glam Look Finish ❥

My eyes look so big because the fake eyelashes, that’s why I rarely to used the fake eyelashes. Honestly, I don’t like the big eyes look, because I look more mature than before (#denyingmyage). Ohya, I also want to show you my glam make up finish in dark light….

My highlighter look on point ! I supper like it !

For the highlighter I used too cool for school Art Class by Rodin, Lip cream pixy in number #09 Glam Coral and Drawing eyebrow from Etude House.

Yap ! That’s my Glam look creation, I hope you enjoy it !

I open the suggestion and some critics. So, you can freely write the comment down.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review, feel free to contact me onIG : @tephietephorAsk.fm : @tephtephie

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