Hi everyone. It's been a busy month for me, work, wedding preparation, blogging and other stuffs drive me really crazy. But, i do enjoy it, it just feel like i'm very productive lately. Please bare with my complains about stuffs though.

So, on this post, i'm not only want to share about my outfit but after a long time i wanna share about a little thought of mine. It's not really a secret that i'm working as an employee at one of international company as a Tax Officer, so yeah, you know my job is not a joke, busy weekdays is my best friend for this past year. But, it's not another secret that i do enjoy blogging and sharing, and this year i starting earning money from it, which is i feel beyond happy and blessed. I mean, come on, when you really love doing some thing, you didn't expect anything in return, did you? I don't even dreamed to be paid from blogging. At previous post, i told you that i stand on two world, i mean working as employee and blogging is totally different world. And i can't choose one of them, i choose to run both of them. So, it really irritating when people judge one of them, or even worst both of them. Hey, this is my life, i choose what makes me happy. I do really happy running them two. I really enjoying my life as Irene the Tax Officer, and I'm more way too happy wearing Irene as a blogger in other time. Please, whatever you see in other's people life, you don't feel them, so don't judge. :)

Anyway, it still an outfit post though. In this post I was wearing my mustard top, the one that outside of my comfort zone, pairing it with my lovely plisket skirt, oh trust me, i'm in love with everything plisket. It's adding a feminine vibes, isn't it? And, don't forget to mention my lovely round bag. You know, simplicity is still my middle name. But, wearing these pairing, i feel sophisticated.

Place : 1/15 Coffee, Kemang, South Jakarta