This winter, I can never really get enough of plaid; from tartan to glen plaid. We all know that currently plaid can be found in any boutique or store, either international brands or local brands, in various forms and sizes. For me personally, plaid is a pattern that can never be killed by time. It's timeless, unisex, and fit for any occasion. So this round, I tried to create plaid monochrome look with a touch of electric blue which items I got from Dresslily. I paired One Button Embroidery Blazer with electric blue crop top, plaid mini skirt, personalized fake snake skin clutch, finished with Light Grey Embroidery Faux Suede French Beret and Stitching Tie Up Suede Athletic Shoes. I never thought that the combination of grey and electric blue can be this interesting, especially the embroideries on the blazer that makes the strong statement for the plaid game. I also love how comfortable the cotton material of the blazer is - since I live in a tropical country and that means I always need to deal with myself whenever I want to wear blazer or coat. While for the shoes, instead of wearing heels or platform heels, I think sneaker is a great choice for us who wants to achieve casual formal look, don't you agree with me ?