Valentine’s day is coming soon and I believe that it’s a special day for many people. Some of you might go for a romantic date or spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But, there are also many people who are not going to go on a date or have a boyfriend or girlfriend which means they must find another way to spend the day. For instance, the girls can arrange a sleepover party while the guys can arrange a bachelor party. But whatever you plan on Valentine’s day, there might be some of you who don’t know what to wear on that day. To help you along the way, we decided to write a Valentine’s Day outfit guidebook, where you can get inspiration and advice on what you can wear on that day. 
We decided to divide it into three parts; date outfit for boyfriend, sisters installed outfit, and outfit for bachelor party. We hope this Valentine’s Day guidebook is helpful, and we wish everyone to have wonderful and great Valentine’s day filled with love and happiness. 

1. Date Outfit For Boyfriend
We picked out these dresses which you can wear for a date. They are very romantic. It’s important to wear a dress which is comfortable and makes you feel confident in. We think that red or black are perfect colors to wear on Valentine’s day. Red is associated with romance while black is associated with something mysterious. For accessories, you can instantly wear earrings and necklaces with pearls or diamond details. Just dress to impress, keep it simple with not so many details and let your personality shine through.


2. Sister Installed Outfit
We picked this sister installed outfit for you who doesn’t have neither boyfriend nor a date, and all your friends are on another plans. If you are lucky to have a sister, who doesn’t have any plan on that day, you can make plan together ! For instance, go shopping together, making cupcakes, watch a movie or go to a party. It would be a lot of fun if you wore matching dresses in different colors.

3. Outfit For Bachelor Party
We picked out this outfit to wear for bachelor party. It’s supposed to be a fun occasion and a great opportunity to dress up a little. At this party, there are single men and women. This is a good opportunity for you who are still single. So, you have to dress for yourself, make yourself look more attractive - and a great suit would go well.