I know this topic may seem a little bit too far from my content, but well, actually it is not. I know for sure that girls around my age are often wondering about things like this : future husband, engagement, wedding, and marriage life. We all want to find our prince, get engaged, and have a blissful marriage life. But, there are two questions that always come up in my mind : why people need to get engaged and why do we need engagement ring when we are sure we are going to marry him. In some case, couples just skipped engagement and straightly get married, but most of them are get engaged first before move to the next step. Then, why do couples need to get engaged ? After some researches, I found out that it's actually a tradition. Not just in Western, but also in Asia. People believe that engagement is the next step of a serious relationship between couples to future marriage and they usually put rings on each other ( or in some countries, only for woman ) as the symbol or let's say it's the 'lock'.
Basically, engagement is a formal agreement for the future marriage. So, it all depends on the couple. If they don't want to get engaged and just get married, it's fine - and if they want to make a statement by getting engaged, it's also okay. However, since I am such a cheesy person, I would really like if my future husband propose me and put a dazzling ring on my finger, lol. Okay, now talk about engagement ring itself, I can imagine about how my dream engagement ring looks like; simple morganite solitaire engagement ring or turquoise engagement ring is such a perfect fit for me who's a big fan of simplicity yet classic elegant. Here I enlist some of my dream ring which I found from BBBGem, custom jewelry specialist - and I think you will love them too :)
Anyway, besides those rings I attached above, they also have many variant of antique sapphire engagement rings for you who is more into darker shade. I can tell that by just scrolling around their website, makes me feel like I have to find my future husband soon. Well, I have to !
Now, tell me about your thought. Is it important for you get engagement ring before getting married ?