Because woman want to count as equal

Hello everyone! 

Been long time not talking with you all, miss me much? LoL
I'm kinda busy with my last exam before I'm oficially being an MD, amin.

Last week, my Bali Beauty Blogger Friend and I got an invitation from Westin Bali to Celebrating International Woman's day at Westin Bali, and of course we're glad to be part of it.


Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, March 2018… The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali celebrated International Women’s Day on Thursday, 8th March 2018 with a colorful afternoon tea. It was highlighted by an empowering presentation by Indonesian fashion entrepreneur, Riana Bismarak, who is currently paving the way for other women to follow their passion and succeed.

It was a nice and warm tea time at Westin Bali while talking about how woman can run a business with Ms. Ree from ReeIndonesia. 

She make it simple by sharing her experience as a business woman, no business need fund at first, unless you wanna build a hotel, she said.
I can't be more agreed, because I was running an online shop which is excatly no need fund at first.

The high tea time from Westin Bali also super nice, their sweet and savoury food not to be quesioned, all taste very light and delicious for tea time, also the hospitality super nice, that for me all of the perfect package for a hotel to run their business. 

The event was launched with a fashion parade featuring 14 inspiring female leaders from Marriott Hotels & Resorts Bali who all wore affordable designs by Riana. The Ree brand is currently making its mark on the local fashion scene. It has been carefully crafted to help Indonesian women look good in any kind of business or social situation without the steep price tag.

An audience of likeminded women then gathered in the uplifting ambience of the resort’s renewed Lobby Lounge & Bar for a talk session. Sharing her personal experience, former hospitality executive Riana explained how women can brand themselves by adopting a personal style.

After a group photo, all of the lovely ladies in attendance were invited to socialize and enjoy a selection of irresistible tea-time treats created by Executive Chef Manoj Rawat and his culinary team. A fabulous cake in the shape of a handbag was the centerpiece for this delicious afternoon spread.

During the rendezvous, there was a fun pop-up shop featuring exclusive clothing items and accessories by Ree. A lucky draw gifted door prizes of hotel and fashion vouchers to few happy winners.

Look how happy My face! ^^

Me and my friend, Cece Jessica Liani.

Speaking of International Woman's Day, as A woman today I can't be more thankful about mylife. Let me tell you a little story of my life.
I was raised on the old schoold neighborhood that still tho that woman no needed to be on higher education than a men does. But lucky me, I blessed by a beautiful family that treats me as equal between woman and men. I went to Medical School as the two of my brothers goes to too. I allowed to drive cars as my brothers does. I can replace a bulb like my brothers could did too.
The point is, I treated as equal, not any higher not any lowers as woman on the past. And that's excatly all woman want, to be as equal as men.

I am not trying to be feminism (I'm not feminism at all, I tho) in here, but I just trying to explain woman wanna treated as equal maybe in my case on education, because when I stop and look around I just still see woman around me 'less educated' and still on the stigma that woman no need education because they'll just take caring the children in the future. 
But, smart children come from smart or well-educated mom, right?

What do you think?

Happy International Woman's Day, for all woman out there!

Once again thank you for Westin Bali for having me!

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