My happy colour after Blue

As if for dinner date with my loves

Hai everyone!

How Was your week going so far?
Mine was crazy hectic that made me somehow feel uncomfortable with myself, but I just keep going on as life goes by.

Since I'm not feeling okay, I opened some of my old pictures and realized that I had so many pictures in black outfit. 

Somehow looking at old pictures of happy me boost up my endhorphine and makes me a little bit happier in a stressful day.

Or going out for clinic treatment

Hmm, gonna extend my lash also in black

Chillin near the pool should be more colourful

Some formal event its okay to be in black, tho.

Or filming my sponshorship make up

aaaand event my swimsuit is a black one. LoL

Do you have any happy colour?
Tell me down bellow!