If you guys following me on my Instagram, you guys should known i join an event called #SunnyMatte, a collaboration within L'Oreal Indonesia and Beauty Journal to introduce a new sun screen product from L'Oreal that called L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Matte & Fresh SPF 50/PA++++. Yup, you didn't misread, this is the first Sunscreen Matte in Indonesia ! HOW'S COOL IS THAT?

This is my first event ever since i joint Sociolla Beauty Network last year, and what can i say, the event was super fun and positive i can said. I joint the pound fit with Tyna Kanna Mirdad, challenge my self to get a skin check, try the L'Oreal Perfect Matte which super duper me likey, and met a new friends.

Ok, moving on to the product, like i already told you, this is the very first matte sun screen ever in Indonesia. For someone who has an oily skin like me, this product is really a life-saver. It's important to wear a sun screen daily, because you know it's not easy live at tropical country like Indonesia. The UV from the sun can make a bad impact to our skin, but as you guys know wearing a sun screen it's not that comfortable, it's maybe sticky and create a white crease on our face. But, don't worry, now wearing a sun screen is waaaay more comfortable with L'Oreal UV Perfect Matte & Fresh SPF 50/PA++++. My first impression when wearing this product are it's not sticky like other sun screen product and it absorb easily. And as its claims, it's make our skin looks matte, which is my favourite thing from this product.

If some of you want to try this product too, you can get this product on Sociolla, and don't forget to visit @getthelookid and @beautyjournal on Instagram.

See ya,