Happy new year everyone, it's been a great journey at 2018 and i can not wait for another journey at 2019. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Time is really running fast, isn't it? What your new resolutions for this year? Mine as simple as be a better me, not only me, but for everyone around me.

It's already 2019 and i'm truly sorry that these days will still a monochrome days for me. You know simplicity is and still my middle name, so in this post as you can see, i choose to wearing something black and white. I usually wear something simple but eye catching is still a must, so if i wear something really basic, i will boost the whole look with a good shoes. These pairing is my favourite buying from 2018, i already put an eye on these pairing for a months before finally decide to bring it home. And, trust me, it's never a single second that i regret it. So, this is my final look for this week.

Updated this page as much as i can is still one of my resolution at this year, so, yeah, wish me luck!

Au revoir,

Place : Paradigma, Central Jakarta

Clutch - Stradivarius
Shoes - Marie Claire