Irene, 25 years old, and still trapping in the reality world which doesn't seem interesting. 

Shoes - Charles and Keith
Top - Magnolia

I envy people who work in their passion's world, i envy people who never feel Monday is a monster day, i envy people who don't need alarm to get up because their love their job. I didn't say i hate my job, i like it, but it just not feel deep till my bones. So, what kind of job will finally i can say "this is what i dream of"? Still don't figure it out yet. :p

I mean, i love work at office, i love working behind the desk, really, i meant it. But sometimes i do imagine working from home, writing a blog all day, run from one fashion-kinda-thing meeting to another. But in the end of the day, i still feel grateful and thank God i stand at this situation, i love working at weekday, and maintain my blog at weekend. And i'm proud of every thing that i already achieved and can not wait to achieve more. That's what inspired me to made today's blog post title. I'm pretty cool, right? :p

Last but not least, moving on to my outfit of the day, i'm wearing this see through top with a nice lace details on neck, pairing with my all the time favourite culottes, adding a heels because you know i'm not that tall to wear culottes, and favourite handmade bamboo hand bag. Suit me well, don't you think? :)

Have a great day everyone,

Place : Ottoman's Coffee, Kuningan, South Jakarta