It's been two months since my holiday trip to Labuan Bajo, and i just have a time to share with you guys, forgive me. How can i describe the journey since it's beyond my expectation.

Me and my friends spent 2 nights live on boat. We start our journey with transit flight at Bali then continue our flight to Bajo. The first stop was Pulau Kelor, trust me, Kelor have a most hard tracking path, please prepare yourself with little physical exercise before you plan go to Labuan Bajo. Though the view was amazing and worth every steps ! Moving on, we continue the trip to Pulau Rinca to see komodo, the largest species reptile alive ! Then we spend the rest of the day at the boat, enjoying the view, playing games, listening to the music, oh please take me back to that time ! :( We spent the night near of Pulau Kelelawar to see bats, the view was breath taking, sadly i didn't have any photos of it, but if you want to see, i save the video on my instagram's highlight. The waves was so high on that night, i remember i cannot stand straight for 5 minutes without threw up, so i decide to sleep early, i just remember one of my friend had a jackpot, lol.

At Pulau Kelor
The day after, we wake up very early morning to catch the sunrise at Pulau Padar, the path was 2.5 times longer than Kelor but don't worry, though it's longer but it's waaaaay easier. Don't mention the view, it's just as amazing as Kelor, i'm so proud to be Indonesian to have Labuan Bajo as one of many amazingly beautiful tourism destinations. Then we continue the journey to Pink Beach and Taka Makassar, taking thousand photos, i don't have to tell you how much i love sandy toes and salty hair, do i? After that we have snorkeling session, and we luckily enough to see Mantas. 
The last day on board we spend with go to Kanawa Island and have another snorkeling session, before we go straight to the city, we spend the last night at Labuan Bajo before catching the flight back to Jakarta.

Another side of Padar
I spend 3 million IDR for the air flight fare, 1.25 million IDR for the living on boat expense, and around 400 hundred IDR for the hotel. The journey was totally fun and memorable, i left a part of my heart on Bajo. A little tips from me for you who to feel the living on boat's experience, please prepare yourself with high waves, not so clean and comfortable bath and bed room (you can have a nice boat but it will cost you higher fare than what me and my friends choose). But, trust me, the journey was so memorable and amazingly fun, you should give a try ! <3

Au revoir,
L.A. <3

Taka Makassar

Snorkeling at Kanawa

Padar Island

Pink Beach

Girls from Bajo Squad

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia. Much loves from Padar