Just like everyone does, I love weekend ! Work day off, pyjama almost all day, laying in bed till noon, tell me what do you love about weekend? How you spend your weekend?

Sweater - HnM
Skirt - J.Rep

It just another easy Saturday when i took this post's photos. Didn't mean to take an outfit shot actually, but then i whining to Mike to take a photos of mine, and i did it, i always success melt his heart, lol. Unfortunately, we didn't find a good spot for that and it was 15 minutes away till our movie started. So, yeah, as you can see, in front of Panel room the photos were taken. What can i say, I'm unstoppable! Oh, by the way, i really love this pairing that much, feel really like a lady wearing this pairing. You know, a knit and a skirt such a good idea. Plus, you know how much i really love local products, so yeah, please adore my cutie hand bag as much as i do.

Have a good day,

Place : Mall of Indonesia, North Jakarta