Happy Sunday guys, have a good one. It's already April, time really flies, right? As you can see on the title, I will share my holiday look on this post. 

Top - Uniqlo
Shoes - Rubi

I always crave for holiday, I think most of you too. Well, escape from the tiring and dreary weekdays for a while always smells good tho. Me and Mike (yes, I just realise I didn't ever mention my boyfriend's name, so this is the first time xD) really love to have a short escape together, Bandung and Bogor is always be our favourite destination. 

I always choose to dress up comfortably because the trip is absolutely long and tiring. But I still want have a good 'outfit of the day'. So, today I choose to wearing jeans from head to toe in this post. Comfortable check, Chic check. 

See you in a bit !

Place : HelloJae, Bandung, West Java