As I already mentioned before, i just move to new office and i survived my first week ! I'm so proud of my self. Sometimes, I'm an introvert kind of person, I found it's hard to adapted at new environment. But luckily I'm not a quitter one, I enjoyed every process, I know it's hard but it's not impossible to be passed. 

So, here I am, writing about one of many outfits you can choose for your first day at office. I'm definitely not a morning person, I wake up late, so I don't really have spare time to prepare. And these pairing are one of my survival kit. Just a simple white top from shopataleen and my favourites pants from Popoluca The Label. You guys should check them out, they serve a best quality yet an affordable prices.

And, an additional tips from me for facing your first day at new office:
1. Don't skip your breakfast, you need an energy for your first day.
2. Smile and be polite to everyone you meet.
3. Do your best for every task you need to do.
4. Good luck, and your welcome. :)

Top - Shopataleen
Pants - Popoluca The Label
Shoes - Charles and Keith

Place : Monkey Tail, PIK, North Jakarta

Speak soon,