Dress - Stradivarius

As you know, I'm still in holiday *read : work from home*, doing a little steps for my little shop (Athena Project ID) and blogging, plus watching K Drama *grin*

People said a good shoes take you to the good place, I can not more agree. For me, choose the right shoes and you completely hit your outfit of the day. Today, I'm comparing if i'm wearing the exact same outfit but different shoes, you tell me, is it totally different or no?

Wearing this dress from Stradivarius with sneaker, I'm ready to spend my casual date, but wearing this dress with heels, I'm ready to taken to fancy restaurant. So, where will you take me to? *wink*

L.A. <3

Place : On Three, SCBD, South Jakarta

Watches - Olivia Burton

Earings - Athena Project ID (@athenaproject_id)