This brand will never stop stealing my attention. Shueumura, won't you?! I am such a believer that red lipstick could enchance my look of the day. Red means power, passion and fire just like what Shu Uemura RD 163 Lipstick stands for <3

Yes, welcoming this fella to the family! Shu Uemura has already revealed the other pretty shades previously and here it is the newly "PERFECT RED" that you could ever own,  RD163 Lipstick. I attended their launch last friday at Kilo Lounge, Senopati. 

That was The Perfect Decoration they could offer, classy yet retro vibes. Not like any other event, they actually prepared a lot of interesting activities . In the venue, i did painting the kiss symbol pouch, throwing glow stick bracelet game, and lastly that couldn't be missed, taking pictures at glam photobooth with my loves!

You see, from the packaging it's simple covered with silver color and the cap is transparent. It's looking expensive and i love it! Since it's transparent, you can easily pick your favorite color. RD 163, the number shade is placed on the bottom.

Don't worry as it will suit your lip type. Made wisely, The RD163 comes with 3 different finishes such as Satin, Lacquer & Matte. Which fan are you? I love satin and matte, and the lacquer too! Uh, what? hahaha

They're all pigmented as it could cover even the dark lip. Creamy and blendable, it will make your lip plump-looking. Would be good as well for ombre look if you can't pull off it alone, darling. It is exclusively made to bring up the mood and let me give you fact about it. The background story of The Red in Japan is known for the appreciation color and strong emotion. 

So, now it's your time to pull the perfect red off! Are you ready?

It's availabe on Sociolla to purchase and grab 'em fast! Thank you a bunch, happy to be there! To another events Beauty Journal & Shu Uemura  together, cheers!

Love, Ker.