Hello March!!!!
Long time no see. I never post in February month because my mood so bad. I'm too lazy for wrote or though idea for my blog. Sometimes it's hard but sometimes it's wonderful too. I make this blog for write my activities or what i wear or what happen in my life. The last one I got offer for working together with Grace Karin. I'm so happy receive their clothes. 

And this month I start again for my fashion. At this time I'm choose pink colours for my OOTD and it's my feed too in Instagram ( you can check this @elsasilalahiii ). I try to combine with blue hotpants. It' s simple look, everyone can using this look or maybe every girl ever use this one. Don't wait for how long, scrooll down :)

I'm really happy if this one of brand giving me opportunity to working together hahahhaha. I'm dream of it although I don't know when it happen LOL. I have statement for my life opportunities always exist all the time just how we can see that opportunity. I working hard in private companies because my dream beside develop my hobby in fashion. 

And I'm lucky one because my familly and my friend support me for this pasion. for now there are still many local products that do not want to cooperate with me but I always try to be generous and give my best and make it not a burden.

I wanna said 'Thank you very much for brand who ever working with me. You make me learn more and giving the best.

get here first for the short story, see you in my next post :))

Elsa Silalahi