If you have already seen the sneak peek of this product, you would know how much i value essence in my skin care regime. As similar as it sounds, essence is very essential. Now i am gonna take you to my further review of Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. The essence that i have been used for more than a week. It's as well celebrating their cumulative sales of 500.000 ++ products,  congrats!!! <3

Wait, what, are you excited as i am? HIHI

But first, let me quickly introduce you to this brand, Secret Key. Originally from Korea, this brand itself has already been popularly known not only in Korea but exported to over than 35 countries just like US, Canada and list goes on. Practical use in science!

This Starting Treatment Essense specially made me really curious before. Everyone always raves this product that somewhat annoyed me because at that time i hadn't tried this one. U FEEL ME AHA! As i share it today to my timeline, i  truly received a lot of positive feedback about this product. I love how i can share with you guys whilst you think the same good thoughts! Happy vibes here <3

Wait no more, let's jump in!


It is the second limited version of the original one, what only differs from the previous one is the rose extract on it. There rest is exactly the same thing.  Well, why's rose? Rose is believed to make skin more supple, gives healthy-looking to the skin. To be frank, i just knew it not so long ago... pity me. 

Comes in a bottle which is the essence-usual-thing, i actually don't really mind about that. Since i wouldn't bring it with me everything just like make up, it'll be sittin on my beauty rack nicely. Somewhat i'm loving it more when it comes in a glass bottle, looking expensive & gorgeous, isn't it?


Use the thin cotton pad i suggest to make it thoroughly into the skin. Pour the product in appropiate amout to a cotton pad and gently tap tap on the face. Be gentle as you dont wanna make your skin shaggy.


Contains 150 ml, 94% of it is the GFF or Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate ingredient which makes great difference for the skin. GFF's main focus is to control the sebum production, brighten the skin, even out skin tone and rapidly fade aging symptoms.  I always appreciate this essence for being so thoughtful about the ingredients: It contains NO: 

- Paraben
- Mineral Oil
- Alcohol
- Sulfate
- Artificial Fragrance & Coloring
- etc


Watery, transparent texture,  not sticky, gues what's more to ask? A week ++ is already enough to notice the great things about this product. No break out, all i feel is my skin's getting supple aftermath. Tried it with different amount of products, a little or much, it doesn't leave any greasy or oily feeling on my skin. Proven to be used for all skin types, i agree with that. My combination skin isn't mad! 


From the proven efficiancy i bet you would know that i loveeee this product! Definitely will repurchase if i run out of the product. It's definitely worth a try. It gives my skin freshness and radiant-looking always after using this. But nothing's too instant, i will continue using it to let you guys know the final result. Happy me!

Time to reveal the key, purchasing this one isn't that difficult anymore as you can buy it on Sociolla! I also want to share the happiness, you can grab all the Secret Products with special price disc. 30 % OFF (Only on Sociolla) <3

Love, Ker