I'm telling you guys that i'm actually not a sporty person at all but i must admit, once in a while exercising could boost up my day. But before that, applying sunscreen is essential. i I bet you don't wanna get your skin burn while exercising outdoor, right?

It was Sunday morning in front of FX Sudirman and i attended Sunny Matte Sunday with L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Matte & Fresh Long UV SPF 50 / PA +++. The event started at 08.00 am thus some of us had already been there from 06.00. Therefore, catching up with all the girls, we also had our fun photobooth sesh and little photoshoot to kill time.

There is also provided a booth which everyone could purchase the product with special 50%  discount. What a deal right! hihihi

Oh how i love breezy sunday morning like this! Eventough it pushes me to wake up in the morning, it's worth it. Being surrounded by people who are energized to exercise somewhat makes me even more excited. It's so lively!

Opening speech and little introduction by Sociolla and Loreal representatives of this L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Matte & Fresh Long UV SPF 50 PA +++. They explains briefly about the products and also share to us some horrifying yet true facts about "A Truck Driver's Saddening Skin Condition Caused by Sun's Exposure. OH MY! 

Main thing that i wanna highlight all over again is; The Importance of Using Sun Protection! Cause even we aren't directly exposed to the sun, your pc, handphone or even room light also produce Uv light.  Therefore, it's really important to add sun protection to your skin regime. Do you agree? Have you worn sunscreen?

Kak Tykannamirdad, as the guest star of the day also shared her experience of how she always wear sunscreen on daily basis. It does helps her to prevent aging-skin especially freckles! I also got to know the great difference of this sunscreen, yas please! ;)

AND NOW......

It's Pound Fit Time!! The thing that excites me deeply about this event, my very first time indeed. Along with full curiosity, a secret that i was actually searching the night before about this activity and prepare my outfit to suit it well HAHAH

So ready for it!

Using the sunscreen beforehand we work our body out! The sweat is unbeatable but i surely had much fun. For introducing brand new product with interesting activity just like Pound Fit, i would like to thank Beauty Journal, Sociolla and Loreal for having me and all the girls! FUN FUN and BURN BURN.

Let's jump into the


It's the sunscreen that works as both Chemical and Physical Sunscreen/Sunblock.  Definitely answers what i always look out for sunscreen, no white cast. This sunscreen contais SPF 50 PA +++ which is enough to protect from harmful UV rays, both UVA and UVB. Yes, it does have thick white textured once you squeeze it out, but after you apply it onto your skin, it suddenly becomes transparent.

Ideally, this sunscreen is made to be oil-free. It gives the matte and fresh finish to your make up. At the same time, you can use it as a make up base as it could be a good prep for your skin. Your make up will last just longer. I already have used this product 2 months before invited to this launch. And i must say that i love this one

Meanwhile, when you are directly exposed to the sun not in a short time, you need to reapply it after 2 hours. Bother reapplying it especially when you already had your make up on? Don't worry cause Loreal also has sun protection in the spray form. Therefore, it'll not ruin your make up.

Made to be easier, you can purchase my newly holygrail sunscreen on Sociolla. Dig the further info before you purchase this one by visiting @getthelookid & @sociolla official instagram accounts.

Hope you find it useful, see ya on another review!

Love, Ker.