Hi loves, Thank God It's Friday!

When it comes to sheet mask, i am 'always' excited and eager to explore more. I find sheet mask really soothes the face. And everytime i put it on my face, the calming sensation comes to the mind. I believe that it also happens to you girls, doesn't it?! HAHAHA

Before entering brand new week, i would love to recap the fun of Kose Cosmeport Gathering that was held at Harlequin Bistro Kemang last friday. Fyi, Kose Cosmeport itself is a popular brand from Japan as well as part of Kose Group that provides varieties of hair, body and skin care products. I bet you already know this super famous mask!

Clear Turn it is, the Japan popular brand specialized in face mask is the brand that was introduced to us at the event. I and all the beauty bloggers and influencer seemed so thrilled to try. Beforehand, we got to taste the delish canape just like Mini Eclairs and Squared Sandwiches.

After ur tummy was full, all ears to the insights and knowledges about the sheet mask. One of the good things that i learn; it's absolutely okay using mask while doing everything just like walking, laying in bed and etc. Interesting, Clear Turn sheet mask is specially made to be snug fit therefore it doesn't  fall down  unexpectedly when you are doing anything. SOO GREAT!


1. Clear Turn White Mask Series
Source: Kosecosmeport.co.jp

Rich moisturising beauty essence with ample moisturizer who is targeted for woman who wants the targeted care around mouth, eyes, and areas which are prone to wrinkle.
The most fitting mask of them all.

No harmful ingredients such as:
- Weakly Acid
- Fragrance
- Color
- Mineral Oil

Clear Turn White Mask HA D

Hyaluronic Acid as main ingredient that is proven to make your skin moist and Pro Vitamin B5 as well to lighten the skin.

 Clear Turn White Mask VC D Vitamin C as anti oxidant and Amino Acid to mantain the skin-health and lighten the skin

Clear Turn White Mask CO D

Collagen to moisture the skin and Pro Vitamin B5 to get your skin lightened.

2. Clear Turn Precious Series
Source: Kosecosmeport.co.jp

This type of sheet mask is recommended for customers in their 20s who want to use the sheet mask to make the skin moist and resilient like a baby. It moisturizes your skin as it gives you enough hydration.

No harmful ingredients such as:

- Paraben
- Etcyl Alcohol
- Fragrance
- Color
- Silicon
-Ultraviolet Absorber

Clear Turn Precious A

Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid, Lipidure, Glyerin

Clear Turn Precious B

Contains collagen, honey, Amino Acid, Glycerin

Clear Turn Precious C

Contains Vitamin C for antioxidant, Amino Acid and Glycerin

3. Clear Turn Princess Veil Series

Source: Kosecosmeport.co.jp

For those who rely on efficiency to get the moisture care for your skin. You could try this type of sheet mask that can do multiple works as Lotion, Emultion, Essence and Cream.

Clear Turn Princess Veil Pure White Mask

Contains Vit C along with coix seed to brighten the skin

Clear Turn Princess Veil Rich Moist Mask
Hyaluronic Acid and Lychee Honey those are cores to get your skin moistedf

Clear Turn Princess Veil AG Mask

Collagen and elastin to tighten the skin

Clear Turn Princess Veil Morning Skincare Mask
                                                            Artichoke essence and malic acid to take out the dead skin cells

At the end of the event, we had fun activity which we should paint The Cute Plain Cookies. I actually have gut for  drawing & painting on paper, but never a chance on cookies before. A mini brush and y pallette with colors was ready yet  i still had no idea in mind thus i want to paint the whole thing at the precise time. Shocked a bit, but i got to win this one with the other one girl. Yay!

Back to talking about all the sheet masks, i really suggest you to try this Clear Turn Mask out. It is also easier for you to purchase the products right now cus' you can already buy it at The nearest Natural Farm (both offline & online store), Guardian, and Watson.

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What a treasure of goodness, stay glowing !
Love, Ker.