"Women must try to do things as men have tried when they fail the failure must be but a challenge to other.

The effective way to do it, is to do it"

Amelia Earhart, nd.
I met her previously on another occasion, sat beside me but i have no idea who is she and why does she handed so many flowers and some media interviewed her. I don't have any idea that she is one of biggest moslem designer in Indonesia today, she is Norma Moi, 40.*
Norma With her Audience
She had the most humble heart hugging one by one of the audince after her VVIP Trunk Show, inpired by Amelia Earhart (the firts woman aviator), at The New Asia Restaurant-Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan, May 23 2017.

The collection is all about dare, brave and bold woman with the touch of very bold color as black, Red, White, and even gold. This semi couture design could be the best choice to attend gala or special occasion at night. A Soiree with The New Asia and Norma Hauri was the name of the Trunk Show.
Overall, the collection brings woman empowermen spirit. Esp for women who love brave and string collection to accompany their day and night special ocassion. I love the way Norma puts the message trough her creation and i'm totally into this kind of semi couture design. Loose and polite for moslem women, as they wish. 
"We cannot just sit down and cry, we have to be remain intake, women are stronger than they realize".
Ayu Sugeng