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I'm so glad to get you know about a product that help us a lot especially in our country, Indonesia, which is tropical country.

But at first let us jump to the preface.

I guess, being burned by sun is everyone's problem. Wait, being burned doesn't only mean your skin is on fire lol. I will tell you one thing, that sun's ray content many dangerous thing such as UVA and UVB which is not good to face it on a long time for our skin.

What is UVA and UVB?
The sunlight that reach us is contained of two harmful rays, UVA and UVB. Long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB) penetrate into the thickest layer of our skin, dermis. Unprotected skin could be affected and cause a photoaging or premature skin aging. Can you imagine that we could look older just because these UVs ? Yup, it could be. It also plays a great role of developing cancer cell. Plus hyperpigmentation can caused by an extreme sunlight we face everyday.

So what should we do?

Okay, do you ever heard about SPF, A.k.a Sun Protection Factor?

If we wear SPF it means we can face sun rays many times than we face them barely, without any protector. For example, if we wear SPF 15 it means we can resist the sunburn 15 times compared to if we don't wear any SPF. If we can resist sun rays for 15 minutes with our barely skin for example, with SPF 15 we can resist it for 225 minutes. With 90% of protection, note that there is no 100% of sunlight's protection. That is why we have to make sure the we are not explodedly face the direct sun rays.

Then it means that higher SPF is better?
Yup indeed, SPF 30 is better than 15, and SPF 50 is better than SPF 30 for real.


I found a new beauty product that will help us protect our skin by just spraying them all over our body, e.g: back, hair, above makeup, legs, hands, arms etc.. Wherever you want.
 It is resistant from sweat and sebum, blocks the strongest UVA and UVB, so we don't need to worry if we have to face the sunlight directly. Plus it's not too big to be carried inside your bag. It's light and literally light to be apllied above your skin. Like nothing to worry about any stickiness.
Simply Spray Them on, face (above makeup), hair, back, legs, arms, hands, etc..
 If you were forget to apply it before your make up, you can just simply put them on above it. You can reapply whenever you want as well.
Small size, handy, and light.

Okay, you know already what product to be used if you have UVs issue and you want to protect your skin. Then...

Where should i buy? Is it available in Indonesia?
Yup, it's newly available in Indonesia, maybe not much people know it. But you may buy on some market place or online for now. Drugstore? I don't think it's available already. But don't worry! you can simply click here to buy them http://www.lazada.co.id/kose-cosmeport/

How about the price?
Approximately IDR 120-160 K (based on my research)

well, i hope that this simple review will give us more insight about our beauty and of course give us insight about beauty product. Let's share it to our loved friends, family etc about this good information.

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