Jakarta, 03 September 2016

I was invited to attend Diana Rikasari feat Revlon's Beauty Talk Show and Meet and Greet at Atrium Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. The invitation was based on Instagram's pictures with hashtag #DianaxRevlon ranking, and alhamdulillah i was very delighted to be invited. at first i have no idea what will be the main topic of the talk show, until they challenged us to make a picture for beauty or blog content. The submission will be end in 15 minutes forward then i submit the picture bellow.
I was running around the atrium to find the most interesting spot, and i found a white sofa, a big red love (heart shaped) paper from photo booth and a brochure about the new foundie of Revlon, et Voila! lol

Surprised that i was called and my picture was shown on the big screen, so lucky me to get a package from REVLON. hihihi
my photo booth action
My husband, who took me to Kokas, was waiting for me inside the car [poor him, he has no idea what to do without me :( , was really patiently waiting. thanks Hubby!

I got 2 kind of lipstick The Very Red One and The Purple one, A blue Eye Liner, A blush on with a pink shade and a pack of eye shadows with brown shades. the review will be soon uploaded on my youtube Chanel --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOnpGAvnCIKL79kv330X5A

Okay, that's all i wanna share, what had happened this last saturday. i hope i can share a lot later, and don't forget to jump to my Youtube Chanel, also my Instagram page.

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much love,

Ayu Sugeng