"Human being are just a bunch of single fighter who have to survive in between life and death, without uncounting their good and bad, everything is measured even the smallest thing"
"Either you want to turn left or turn right, it's totally up to you, but you are the one that fully responsible to yourself"
"you can walk, you can jump, you can crawl, you can run. You can do anything except hurting others...tollerance"
 "See other as human being also, respect them, understand them, don’t judge them"
 "you may show your back, but not for them who understand and appreciate you"
 "you can raise you hand to help other, you can raise your hand to show that you are respecting other"
"let's balance our Habluminanas and habluminallah, let's show our faith to Allah but let's keeping a good relations to other, without any disrespect"
oversize navy top: Layra Diana
Photographer: Sarah Fitria